Changing Places #2: change and the material fate of place, Wednesday, 27 April 2022

The Sheffield Hallam University Space & Place Group’s second interdisciplinary seminar on the theme of ‘changing places’, Changing Places #2: change and the material fate of place will be running 2-4pm on Wednesday, 27 April 2022. This online session will look at how (and why) people change places.

Change of place, whether as regeneration, ruination, redevelopment or altered forms of use is a materialised expression of a complex amalgam of social/cultural, economic and political factors playing themselves out across a variety of scales. But rather than looking outward to frame instances of change of place within wider structural processes, our presenters will each in their own way ask how the material manifestations of that localised change can be foregrounded, in order to restore the local connection/disconnection that is often lost via analysis that is more concerned with the wider – and more abstract – narratives and interpretations of change.

The three presentations for Changing Places #2 will be:

Eve Stirling (Art & Design, SHU)

Stories Home Tell: Thinking Net Zero through speculative property particulars:

Joanne Lee (Art & Design, SHU) & Rosemary Shirley (University of Leicester, School of Museum Studies)

Staying Local

Esther Johnson (Media, SHU)

SHIPS in the SKY: civic place and memory-making

The Eventbrite booking link for Changing Places #2 is now available here, and you’ll also find full details of each presentation there. Recordings of the recent Changing Places #1 session, the associated Changing Campus #1 & #2 sessions and previous events are all available to view here.

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