CCRI Seminar Series – ‘insights > ideas > concepts > products – Harnessing design to drive product innovation’ with Mark Phillips (Design Futures)

Collated images of Design Futures projects, courtesy of Mark Phillips

CCRI Seminar SeriesPlease join us on Wednesday 23 February for our next CCRI-wide seminar as part of the Culture & Creativity Research Institute Seminar Series, where we will be hearing from Design FuturesMark Phillips.

insights > ideas > concepts > products
Harnessing design to drive product innovation

Turning good ideas into successful products is the lifeblood of manufacturing companies. Design can help to achieve this. It sounds very straightforward – turn the handle on the design process, and out pops a great product. If only it were that simple!

Design Futures has been designing and developing innovative products for over 20 years. Over this period, they have worked with companies of all sizes, from start-ups to major multinationals. Their design work covers diverse markets, including consumer, industrial, medical, FMCG and automotive.

In this session, Mark Phillips will address some of the challenges of new product development (NPD) and use examples from diverse design projects to share some of the approaches, methods and tools that Design Futures use to stimulate, support and deliver innovation, including:

  • gaining insights
  • initiating idea generation processes
  • identifying the best ideas to be taken forward
  • testing and validating ideas using quick and cost-effective modelling and prototyping approaches, including 3D printing
  • reducing development risk and accelerating time to market.

CCRI Seminar Series – insights > ideas > concepts > products – Harnessing design to drive product innovation with Mark Phillips
Wednesday 23 February, 1300-1400
If you’d like to come along please contact ! RIS Culture & Creativity RI Enquiries.

Mark Phillips (Design Futures)

Mark Phillips

Mark Phillips has embraced creativity and technology throughout his life, including studying Design with Applied Technologies and Industrial Design Engineering. His professional career in staff design and consultancy spans 30 years, with design roles at Alstom, Avery, GEC, Matsushita – and as Design Director at Design Futures (Product).

Since it began, Design Futures has supported hundreds of companies, from regional SMEs to large multinationals, to develop innovative products across many sectors, including medical, healthcare, industrial, automotive, FMCG and consumer.

Mark’s research interests lie in product innovation, wearable devices, and communication products. In his designs, his guiding principle is to create future-facing products that blend desirability, practicality, longevity, inclusivity, and efficiency.

He enjoys family walking, most things automotive, and sliding down mountains – occasionally whilst still attached to skis!

About the CCRI Seminar Series

We are currently relaunching our successful seminar series, continuing the regular insights into our researchers and the research we do in the Culture & Creativity Research Institute we explored with our previous C3RI Seminar Series.

If you are interested in hosting an external visitor, giving your own seminar about your research or would like to volunteer to hold a seminar session more geared towards staff development, please let us know at ! RIS Culture & Creativity RI Enquiries. You can find out about future seminars on the CCRI Impact Blog pages for 2021-2022.

It is our aim to record each and every one of our research seminars and we will make recordings available shortly afterwards on the staff intranet, in order to create an archive of our speakers and seminars.