CCRI Seminar Series – ‘Design Futures Packaging: Support work for research projects’ with John Kirkby (Design Futures)

John Kirkby CCRI Seminar - Picture of John and projects worked on by Design Futures

CCRI Seminar Series

Life Café work - as produced by Design Futures

Please join us on Wednesday 16 March 2022 for our next CCRI-wide seminar as part of the Culture & Creativity Research Institute Seminar Series, where we will be hearing from Design FuturesJohn Kirkby.

Design Futures Packaging: Support work for research projects

Creative Director John Kirkby would like to take this  opportunity to present some recent examples of how the award winning Design Futures Packaging team have used their structural and graphic design expertise to support research projects. Recent projects completed include Life Café for Marie Curie, Newday ABC, PEARL and Journeying Through Dementia. John and his team would like to identify new research projects to support and offer their services to researchers who are looking to gain increased impact from their research.

CCRI Seminar Series – Design Futures Packaging: Support work for research projects with John Kirkby
Wednesday 16 March 2022, 1300-1400
If you’d like to come along please contact ! RIS Culture & Creativity RI Enquiries.

Packaging work produced by Design Futures

John Kirkby

John Kirkby

John is a creative designer and currently lead the packaging team at Sheffield Hallam University’s commercial design consultancy, Design Futures. The majority of John’s time is spent working on commercial design projects for a wide range of companies at local, national and international levels. Clients are typically major brand owners, retailers and packaging manufacturers. John supports research and teaching within Sheffield Hallam and he is an active researcher specialising in packaging and its impact on both consumers and the environment. John’s research interests involves creating new designs and studying the impact they have. John studied design as a student in both Leeds and Sheffield and held design jobs in the commercial sector before joining Sheffield Hallam.

About the CCRI Seminar Series

We are currently relaunching our successful seminar series, continuing the regular insights into our researchers and the research we do in the Culture & Creativity Research Institute we explored with our previous C3RI Seminar Series.

If you are interested in hosting an external visitor, giving your own seminar about your research or would like to volunteer to hold a seminar session more geared towards staff development, please let us know at ! RIS Culture & Creativity RI Enquiries. You can find out about future seminars on the CCRI Impact Blog pages for 2021-2022.

It is our aim to record each and every one of our research seminars and we will make recordings available shortly afterwards on the staff intranet, in order to create an archive of our speakers and seminars.