CCRI Seminar Series – ‘Expanding Excellence: Reflections on a 14-year Journey’ with Professors Paul Chamberlain and Claire Craig

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CCRI Seminar Series

Please join us on Wednesday 09 June for our first CCRI-wide seminar as part of the Culture & Creativity Research Institute Seminar Series, where we will be hearing from Professors Claire Craig and Paul Chamberlain on their journey to secure the Expanding Excellence in England (E3) Award to expand Lab4Living and further their excellent research in design and health.

Conversation Piece - Paul Chamberlain

Conversation Piece – Paul Chamberlain

Expanding Excellence: Reflections on a 14-year Journey 

The talk will reflect on the diverse funding bids secured by the Lab4Living team over the last decade and the environment, networks and collaborations that have been developed and nurtured to support this. In 2019 Lab4Living secured the prestigious Expanding Excellence in England Award. Four million pounds in grant funding was awarded to enable the research group to grow the unit and build capacity and capability across the art and design sector in the field of health. Lab4Living was one of only 13 units to be recognised nationally and this was an endorsement of the quality of the research undertaken. In this seminar we reflect on the factors that contributed to the successful securing of the grant and share our experiences of writing and constructing the bid which took weeks to write but years to construct.

CCRI Seminar Series – Expanding Excellence: Reflections on a 14-year Journey with Professors Paul Chamberlain and Claire Craig

Wednesday 09 June, 1300-1400

If you’d like to come along please contact ! RIS Culture & Creativity RI Enquiries.

Claire Craig

Claire Craig

Claire Craig is Professor of Design and Creative Practice in Health and Co-Director of the interdisciplinary research group Lab4Living. Claire’s research focuses on the role of creative practices in improving quality of life and well-being for people living with dementia.






Paul Chamberlain

Paul Chamberlain

Paul Chamberlain is Professor of Design at Sheffield Hallam University, UK and founder and co-director of the interdisciplinary research group Lab4Living.

His interest lies in designing and developing tools and methods to encourage and engender social innovation applied with a focus on healthcare, disability and ageing. Through practice-based research he challenges traditional frames of reference through the collision of bisociation, ambiguity and metaphor.  He has led major interdisciplinary projects developing innovation strategies and sustainable approaches to design and manufacture that have played a significant role in regional industrial reconstruction. His applied research has led to the commercialisation of numerous products and design awards. He is currently exploring the role of Design in the re-conceptualisation of the 100-year life and the ‘future home’, funded through Research England’s Expanding Research Excellence initiative.

About the CCRI Seminar Series

 We are currently relaunching our successful seminar series, continuing the regular insights into our researchers and the research we do in the Culture & Creativity Research Institute we explored with our previous C3RI Seminar Series.

If you are interested in hosting an external visitor, giving your own seminar about your research or would like to volunteer to hold a seminar session more geared towards staff development, please let us know at ! RIS Culture & Creativity RI Enquiries. Academic leads for each Research Centre are currently to be confirmed, but you can find out about future seminars on the CCRI Impact Blog pages for 2020-2021 and 2021-2022.

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