Journal editorial board appointment: Virginia Heath (Professor of Film) on Film Education Journal board

Front cover / logo for Film Education Journal

The Film Education Journal is the world’s only publication committed to exploring how teachers and other educators work with film, and to involving other participants – policymakers, academics, researchers, cultural agencies and film-makers themselves – in that conversation. It is a bi-annual, open-access, peer-reviewed journal sponsored by the UCL Institute of Education in partnership with the British Film Institute, the Centre for the Moving Image, Creative Scotland and Transgressive […]

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‘Protest: Stories of Resistance’ – featuring Professor David Waddington

Front cover of 'Protest - Stories of Resistance' featuring Professor David Waddington. Courtesy of Comma Press.

Whatever happened to British protest? For a nation that brought the world Chartism, the Suffragettes, the Tolpuddle Martyrs, and so many other grassroots social movements, Britain rarely celebrates its long, great tradition of people power. In this timely and evocative collection, twenty authors have assembled to re-imagine key moments of British protest, from the Peasants’ Revolt of 1381 to the […]

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‘Above and Beyond’ – Collaborative artists’ bookwork by NTU’s Emma Cocker and SHU’s Rose Butler

Stills from Rose Butler's 'Come and Go'

Above and Beyond is a dialogue between artist Rose Butler and writer-artist Emma Cocker reflecting on the interplay between surveillance and resistance; how technologies and techniques of capture might be subverted, transformed into experimental tactics of protest and dissent. The publication was developed through a process of conversation between Butler and Cocker taking place over a number of years (2015—2018), a […]

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The Design Journal Vol. 21 issue 3, edited by Paul Atkinson

Design Journal Vol 21 issue 3

Accurate communication is obviously important in all aspects of life, but especially so in design. At every stage of the process, from research to concept generation, through design development to proposed solutions, production and testing, complex issues need to be communicated to a wide range of people coming from a range of different backgrounds, all with their own terminology, perspectives […]

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Journal Editorship: The Journal of Collaborative Computing and Work Practices

Journal Editorship: Luigina Ciolfi The Journal o Collaborative Computing and Work Practices

  Computer Supported Cooperative Work (CSCW) disseminates innovative research results and provides an interdisciplinary forum for the debate and exchange of ideas concerning theoretical, practical, technical, and social issues in CSCW. The journal encompasses the diverse nature of research within the field and its related areas. Coverage ranges from ethnographic studies of cooperative work to reports on the development of […]

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‘Inside the Freud Museums’ – Dr Sharon Kivland features in book exploring art interventions within Freud’s museums

Composite image of 'Inside the Freud Museum' front cover and Freud Museum (WikiCommons)

There will be an event at the Freud Museum to launch art historian and theorist Joanne Morra’s book Inside the Freud Museums: History, Memory and Site-responsive Art  (IB Tauris, 2018) on Thursday 08 March 2018. This will feature a reading by Joanne and discussion on exhibitions at the Freud Museum by cultural theorist and artist Mieke Bal, and artists Susan Hiller and Michelle […]

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Entretiens – Perspectives contemporaines sur les publications d’artistes – Featuring Dr Sharon Kivland

Cover image of Entretiens, featuring interview with Sharon Kivland

This book brings together twenty-three interviews with twenty-five artists who make publishing an artistic practice. In a context where artists’ publications arouse the interest of many actors in the field of art, it is a question of offering contemporary perspectives on this phenomenon, marked by a tension between the alternative positions and the research of institutional recognition. The words of […]

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