Action Alliance: Designing a dementia-friendly city

Lab4Living Dementia Action Alliance

It is estimated that 2/3 of people diagnosed with dementia currently live at home. However the complex environments and systems that are very much part of city life can act as barriers in enabling individuals to access opportunities in the community. A team of people in Sheffield have been exploring what can potentially happen when we start to design environments […]

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Lab4Living at the Design and Emotion Conference in Amsterdam

Lab4Living at Design and Emotion conference. Amsterdam

Lab4Living were well-represented at the Design and Emotion conference in Amsterdam. Paul Chamberlain, Claire Craig and Tom Maisey joined 300 delegates over the 3 days of the conference to engage in discourse on a wide-ranging number of topics. These included the role of design in end of life care, design, emotion and sustainability and the role of creative practice and […]

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‘Journeying Through Dementia’: Where design meets dementia

Lab4Living and Journeying Through Dementia logos

Journeying through Dementia is an intervention that aims to equip people diagnosed with dementia with tools and techniques to enable individuals to live continue to engage in the activities they enjoy as the condition progresses. The intervention combines group work with individual sessions and was co-designed by Claire Craig in partnership with people living with the condition. The intervention is […]

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‘The Power of Sheffield Journeys’: Catalyst-funded project extends its reach

Power of Sheffield Journeys - expanding reach

The Catalyst-funded project The Power of Sheffield Journeys has extended its reach beyond South Yorkshire. The research project led by Lab4Living’s Claire Craig and Jayne Wallace at Northumbria University explores the potential of film and digital technology in helping older people to re-connect with meaningful journeys and build community connectedness. The work particularly seeks to understand how the arts (most notably […]

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‘The Power of Sheffield Journeys’: Catalyst-funded Lab4Living project highlights the value of design in bringing isolated older people together

Lab4Living - Paces Centre

The Catalyst-funded Lab4Living project, The Power of Sheffield Journeys, in collaboration with Kathy Marwick, Home Instead and vocalist Susan Housely brought together older people in an event at High Green. Kathy Marwick has been working on a number of projects across the city in an attempt to reduce the social isolation many individuals experience and when she heard about the […]

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Student work from Lab4Living showcased in both Harrogate and Netherlands

2016 Student work from Lab4Living showcased

Lab4Living has always recognised the integral relationship between research and teaching and seeks to inspire the next generation of design/health researchers. Students from across Sheffield Hallam University regularly work with staff at the Lab and have actively contributed to a number of research projects. Three of these students from the Faculty of Health and Wellbeing were recently invited to share […]

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Lab4Living flying the flag for Design at the College of Occupational Therapists’ Harrogate Conference

Lab4Living - Claire Craig at RCOT Harrogate

Lab4Living’s Claire Craig and Swiss Colleague Ursi Gubler attended the Royal College of Occupational Therapists Conference in Harrogate to highlight the value of design in health. Claire and Ursi delivered a joint paper presentation describing the eight-year collaboration between Lab4Living and ZHAW (Zurich University of Applied Sciences) and the developments in research and practice that have occurred through this. Claire […]

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Lab4Living – Redesigning mental health services in London

2017-04 Lab4Living redesigning mental health

Lab4Living’s Claire Craig was recently invited to facilitate a series of master classes in London for occupational therapists wanting to deliver and embed the Lifestyle Matters approach into mental health services. Lifestyle Matters is an intervention developed through research with older people in Sheffield. The original research was undertaken over ten years ago by Claire Craig and Gail Mountain and […]

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Lab4Living’s Claire and Paul are invited to visit a Maori Marae

Lab4Living in Auckland visiting a Maori Marae

Lab4Living Claire Craig and Paul Chamberlain had the honour of being invited to visit a Maori Marae in Auckland, New Zealand. Here they were able to learn of rich history and the cultural traditions of the Maori community as well as hearing about some of the health and social care challenges facing individuals. One of their hosts, Kataraina Davis, is […]

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Lab4Living – Bringing older people together on Waiheke Island

Lab4Living on Waiheke Island

Claire Craig, Paul Chamberlain and Dan Wolstenholme, Lab4Living were recently invited to meet with a group whose formation was inspired by research in Sheffield. When researchers from the Design for Health and Wellbeing Lab in New Zealand visited Sheffield in September 2016 they had the opportunity to meet attendees of the Lifestyle Matters Group. Claire established this group 12 years ago in a research […]

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