Ron Wright and Neil Webb’s ‘Burning Pool’ premieres at Ohm club, Berlin

Ron Wright-Neil Webb Burning Pool banner for Ohm premiere

On Saturday 29 June 2019 Burning Pool premiered at Ohm, the battery room inside the famous techno club Tresor. SHU’s Ron Wright presented SonUrban and the tracks were accompanied by films of post industrial landscapes, street dancing and graffiti including his work Burning Pool.

You can watch a video of the performance here.

Cover of 'Burning Pool' by Ron Wright and Neil Webb

Cover of Burning Pool by Ron Wright and Neil Webb

Burning Pool is a 24-minute film capturing Sheffield as a post-industrial city in transition – a lot of the featured buildings and landscapes are now gone or radically altered. It was created as a response to the DIY ethic of the local music scene between 1979-81 and also explores the hauntological notion of “future ghosts”.

Banner image for Ron Wright and Neil Webb's lunchtime seminar - picture of Ron Wright and Neil Webb, cover of 'Burning Pool'


Ron Wright is the founder member of 80s Sheffield band Hula and senior lecturer in Sound Recording and Design for Film & Media Production. He has since worked mainly as a sound practitioner for broadcast, screen and gallery on various award winning indie and experimental films, installations and live performances.

Neil Webb is an artist based in Sheffield and senior lecturer in Sound Design. Neil’s practice includes, film, performance, curation, installation and recorded releases.

Find out more about Burning Pool on Bandcamp.