‘BRINK’ – Exhibition showcasing recent graduates within Sheffield’s visual arts community opens at SIA

Banner for BRINK - exhibition at the SIA/Yorkshire Artspace in July-August 2018

The Fine Art Bridge Scheme (FABS) supports early career artists to nurture new talent in Sheffield. FABS is a mentoring and residency scheme specifically aimed at supporting recent graduates, allowing them to work closely with local arts organisations to build their experience and confidence within Sheffield’s visual arts community.

This exhibition showcases the work of the 2017-18 FABS artists: Alex Mooney and Hannah Lamb are working with Bloc Projects and have been exploring a range of arts activities including gallery education programmes, curation, project management, setting up arts organisations and working within the voluntary sector.

Alex Phillips and Mattie Pugh are hosted by Site Gallery who are supporting the artists to explore how they can work in different communities, in diverse sites, and in unusual spaces through their public outreach activities such as ‘The Society of Explorers’ and ‘On the Road’ programmes.

Lea Torp Nielsen and Alex White are in residences at Museums Sheffield, working with the collections at Weston Park Museum and The Ruskin Collection to develop individual responses.

Ashley Wallis, Bron Wilkinson, Norman Anderson and Ashley Pearce are hosted by S1 Artspace, where they have studio spaces to develop their art practice during FABS.

Sheffield Institute of Arts and Yorkshire Artspace Persistence Works Gallery
Saturday 28 July 2018 – Saturday 25 August 2018
Exhibition Launch Event on Thursday 02 August 6PM – 8PM

FABS forms part of Making Ways, a new programme supported by Sheffield Culture Consortium through Arts Council England to showcase, celebrate and develop the exceptional contemporary visual art produced in the city.