Prof Keith Wilson’s co-curated exhibition: Block Party shows Peter Krashes’ paintings in New York’s James Gallery (Reviews)

Summer Streets by Peter Krashes

Block Partyan exhibition linking the practices of painting and of activism points out the problematic of actions that can be consumed, ignored, and considered irrelevant by those in official political power through displaying the work of Peter Krashes.

This show attracted a number of favourable reviews which available on the links below:

1) Huffington Post, 25 October 2017. Reviewed by G. Roger Denson.

Off Photography, On Politics & About Painting: Peter Krashes Reviews Figurative Populism as Activism.

2) Hyperallergic, 19 October 2017. Reviewed by Patrick Neal.

How an Artist’s Activism Nurtured His Painting. This exhibition is a ten-year survey concentrating on Peter Krashes’s paintings that emerged in an almost symbiotic relationship with his political involvement as a community organizer.

3) Delicious Line, 21 September 2017. Reviewed by Will Corwin.

Peter Krashes: Block Party James Gallery, Graduate Center, City University of New York.

4) Atlantic Yards / Pacific Park Report, 2 October 2017. Review by Norman Oder.

“Block Party”: Peter Krashes’ paintings express community solidarity and neighborhood resistance/frustration.


The exhibition was organised by Professor Keith Wilson of Sheffield Hallam University’s Art & Design Research Centre in collaboration with Katherine Carl at City University of New York.

Block Party
James Gallery, City University of New York
Friday 15 September 2017 – Saturday 28 October 2017

Find out more about the exhibition here.


Keith Wilson is a Professor of Sculpture at Sheffield Hallam University and is currently working at the Graduate Centre of City University of New York‘s Centre for the Humanities as Acting Executive Director.