‘Behind the Wire: Internment during the First World War’ Exhibition with Robbie Aitken & Matthew Stibbe, 26 April 2022

Professor Robbie Aitken & Professor Matthew Stibbe from the Humanities Research Centre are speaking at the ‘Behind the Wire: Internment during the First World War’ exhibition on Tuesday 26 April 2022 at the Old Library Galleries, Leicester.


Behind the Wire is about the more than one million civilians interned throughout the world during the First World War, with special attention to internment across the British Empire as well as in Germany; and to the humanitarian efforts of the International Committee of Red Cross and the Spanish and Swiss governments.


The opening Night with the City Mayor of Leicester, Sir Peter Soulsby, starts at 5.30 finishing at 8.30pm, will host various speakers including Robbie Aitken & Matthew Stibbe alongside professors from Aston University Birmingham, De Montfort University & Oxford University/LSE. The exhibition will run from 25 April and will be open Monday – Saturday until 14 May 2022.


Sheffield Hallam is one of the many sponsors of the exhibition together with The Arts and Humanities Research Council; Live Borders; The Internment Research Centre, Hawick; Archaeology Scotland; Aston University & The German History Society.