Becky Shaw’s latest Artist-in-Residence blog post at Sarah Wigglesworth Architects

SWA residency - Becky's ongoing image library

In her latest artist blog post at Sarah Wigglesworth Architects (SWA) in London, Fine Art reader Dr Becky Shaw reflects on warmth and windows, the speculative ‘soup’ of her journey so far, and the inevitable dead ends and dead wood along the way.

26 June 2019 Becky Shaw: artist-in-residence reflections

In this blog entry, Becky discusses her ideas for a sequence of powerpoints for every one of the twelve workstations in the SWA office, bringing together a body of images that map an erratic movement through the files and building at SWA. She considers the space between the architect’s plans and the imagined physical space, and their desire to bring something to life. She also reflects on her participation in the recent SWA 25 ‘Practice Shared’ Open Day.

This post comes three months into Becky’s residency at Sarah Wigglesworth Architects, announced earlier this year. The residency celebrates 25 years since the innovative architect’s practice was founded. Read Becky’s first blog post here.