Becky Shaw reflects her ongoing residency at Sarah Wigglesworth Architects

Becky Shaw artist residency at SWA

In her second artist blog post at Sarah Wigglesworth Architects (SWA) in London, Fine Art reader Dr Becky Shaw reflects on thermal imaging, visiting Siobhan Davies Dance, and ongoing renovations at 9/10 Stock Orchard Street. SWA create sustainable people-centred buildings, focusing on the use of good design to foster social wellbeing:

Becky Shaw Artist-in-residence reflections: Prospecting

The Sarah Wigglesworth and Jeremy Till’s award winning straw bale house and associated office is being redeveloped to bring it up to contemporary energy efficiency standards and to make it sustainable for continuous dwelling into old age. Inspired by the precision with which the architects plan the fitting of heat sealing tape, Becky has been exploring thermal imaging and considering the invisible thermal expression of different types of buildings.

Meanwhile, at SWA project for Siobhan Davies Dance, a space entirely designed for movement, Becky considers the relationship between spaces, bodies and movement.

Becky’s second blog post comes two months into her three month residency at Sarah Wigglesworth Architects, announced earlier this year. The residency celebrates 25 years since the innovative architect’s practice was founded. Read Becky’s first blog post here.