Assistive technologies: what is their place in the mainstream market?

Lab4Living Assistive Technologies event

Assistive technologies for older and disabled people have previously been provided through public sector providers such as local authority equipment services and through independent specialist outlets.  However current Department of Health policy is encouraging the mainstreaming of such devices through high street retailers. This significant change presents both opportunities and challenges.  The aim of this day is to bring together different stakeholders to discuss and debate the issues.

This event has been organised by Professor Gail Mountain  in her capacity as Director of KT-Equal.

The day looks at the transformation of community equipment services and some of the possible implications of the mainstreaming of assistive devices for older and disabled people.

The day aims to bring together different stakeholders to discuss and debate the issues and includes presentations by Professors Gail Mountain and Paul Chamberlain of Lab4Living and Lynne Horn (National Implementation Manager, Transforming Community Equipment Services, CSED Programme, Department of Health).

The event is being held at St. Mary’s Conference Centre, Bramall Lane, Sheffield on 27 October 2009. For further details see the SPARC website and here.