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Academic Development and Events

Here we present a range of professional development events, activities, webinars and tutorials hosted by Hallam and external institutions under 4 broad themes:Professional Development & Events

  1. Academic Practice, Management and Leadership
  2. Inclusive Pedagogy and Practice
  3. Digital Maturity
  4. Recognition / Accreditation for Teaching and Learning

On our Key stakeholders, Feedback and Engagement section, you can find out who we collaborate with and how we’d like to gather your thoughts and views on what development opportunities we offer and what you’d like to see! 

Want to see what’s on offer?

Visit our academic development database and use the search function to see what’s on offer. All entries on this database can also be located on this page via our  A-Z library of professional development, events, activities, webinars and tutorials: 

U V W X Y    


Academic Practice, Management and Leadership

Working with key stakeholders, with both academic and professional development colleagues, we bring you a host of professional development events, activities, webinars and tutorials that focus on academic practice, management and leadership. If you’d like to be part of this group or wish to add to this range of opportunities, please contact Academic Development & Diversity

Advance HE  **  Academic Advising  **  Academic Essentials  **  Apprenticeship  **  Course Leadership **  Evaluation **  External Examiners  ** Hallam Guild  **  Hallam Model   
Hallam Welcome  **  In Conversation **  Learning and Teaching Conference  **  Library Services  **  Mediation  **  Mentoring **  Module Leadership
**  Research **  Source – data reporting  **  Staff Wellbeing **  Staff and Educational Development Association (SEDA) **  Student Support


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Inclusive Pedagogy and Practice

Working with key stakeholders, with both academic and professional development colleagues, we bring you a host of professional development events, activities, webinars and tutorials that support you to embed inclusive pedagogy and practice in order to enhance the student experience. If you’d like to be part of this group, please contact Academic Development & Diversity

**  Accessibility  **  Cultural Calendar  **  Degree Awarding Gap / Race Equity  **  Digital Capability  **  Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI)


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Digital Maturity

Working with key stakeholders, with both academic and professional development colleagues, we bring you a host of professional development events, activities, webinars and tutorials that support your digital maturity. If you’d like to be part of this group, please contact Academic Development & Diversity

**  Accessibility  **  Capability  **  Skills  **  Tools, Platforms and Systems


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Recognition / Accreditation for Teaching and Learning

Working with key stakeholders, with both academic and professional development colleagues, we bring you a host of professional development events, activities, webinars and tutorials that support you to attain recognition and/or accreditation for your teaching and learning. If you’d like to be part of this group, please contact Academic Development & Diversity

**  Advance HE  **  Professorship and Associate Professorship   **  Research  **  Staff and Educational Development Association (SEDA)  **  TALENT 


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Key Stakeholders, Feedback and Engagement

This page is maintained on behalf of all our key stakeholders.  If you’d like to contribute to this page, please contact the Academic Development & Diversity TeamIf you’d like to discuss your personal or team needs, you can contact our key stakeholders direct:

  • Academic Advising – Melissa Jacobi, Head of Academic Advising – email direct to ! Academic Advising 
  • Academic Development & Diversity 
  • College / Departmental – speak with your Head of Teaching and Learning (HoTL) or visit the respective College’s LTA webpages:
  • Digital Learning Teamsupports the development of academic teaching and learning practice through the use of digital technologies across all of the academic departments in the institution. They offer support on teaching technologies such as the virtual learning environment, interactive tools, content creation, resource sharing and collaboration, e-Portfolio tools, video conferencing, screen casting and lecture capture.
  • Digital Skills Hubis a resource to help build digital confidence and increase the digital capability of everyone at Hallam. We are always exploring a wide range of apps and technologies so that we can add to the content on the Digital Skills Hub. It’s purpose is to help support you adopting the best of current, new and developing technology.  
  • HROD – staff development – the Organisational Performance and Culture Team within HROD co-ordinate staff learning and development opportunities across the University including e-learning, courses and our management development programmes. There are a number of activities that staff can engage in. 

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A-Z library: Professional development, events, activities, webinars and tutorials.


Academic Progression Lecturer (AC2) to Senior Lecturer (AC3)


  • Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD), and it doesn’t need to end there. The purpose of GAAD is to get everyone talking, thinking and learning about digital access/inclusion and people with different disabilities.
**  Digital Capability  **  Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI)  **  Inclusive Practice

Advance HE

The Advance HE membership benefits page highlights our staff benefits – we all have institutional membership so register and get access to a wide range of webinars and events. Here you can also access resources from past events and activities. 


Connect Benefit Series

As part of their ‘Connect Benefit Series‘ – you can access resources and recordings of webinars on various themes. 

Development Programmes, Events and Webinars

October 2021 / November 2021

Upcoming Employability Summits – as part of our Connect Benefit Series on Student Success, and with consideration to the recently commissioned Employability: a review of the literature 2016-2021, these upcoming summits will offer colleagues an opportunity to reflect on recent innovations in teaching practice and employability support within Higher Education. As a member institute, these events are free of charge.

4th – 5th November 2021: Assessment and Feedback: Symposium 2021.

  • Will focus on the important and intersecting issues of equality, diversity and partnership. It will provide an opportunity to discuss ideas and strategies for putting the student ‘at the heart’ of assessment and feedback processes, including: assessing to prioritise student learning; emphasising dialogic approaches; enabling students to have agency and involvement in their assessment and feedback; and assessing for all students – supporting equality, diversity and inclusion. 
  • The call for papers for this event is now open until 17:00 (GMT) on 7 September 2021. Colleagues are invited to submit an abstract for either a 20-minute presentation or for a 40-minute workshop.

Academic Advising (AA)

Visit the Academic Advising training and development page for details of all training and development opportunities for our academic adviser community which includes: 

Academic Essentials

Do you or your course/module teams have trouble locating the right teaching and learning guidance and resources?  Want to shape what this looks like for you?  If you’d like us to come along to one of your departmental or course/module team meetings or wish to arrange a bespoke session, please contact Academic Development & Diversity

Academic Practice

If you would like to share your practice, be that via a screencast or workshop, complete our academic development facilitator form. This will feed into our events calendar and allow colleagues to join in.


Visit the Higher and Degree Apprenticeship academic resource site for further guidance on apprenticeships and work-based learning. 

Association of Commonwealth Universities 

Athena Swan Charter

Visit the EDI section below for more details.

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Black History Month

Visit the EDI section below for more details. 

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Course Leadership

Creating Knowledge 

  • TBC 

Cultural Calendar

Curriculum Catalogue / view / SITS

Want to know how to navigate around this essential Hallam VLE and access your course and module descriptors? Visit Academic Essentials: support for course and module design and delivery overview page for more details.

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Degree Awarding Gap

Digital Capability

Academic Development & Diversity (ADD)

Inclusive Essentials: Come along and explore the approaches and techniques you can employ to maximise the impact of your materials. These 40 minute sessions will:

  1. Highlight the features and practices that help you work in an inclusive way.
  2. Outline the steps you can take to ensure your content is accessible to all.
  3. Highlight the resources available to support your use of this tool.
  4. Equip you with resources you can use to support your students digital skill development.
  5. Signpost the resources and support available to help you develop these skills further.

Contact the team for more details or a bespoke sessions for your team/colleagues.  You can also access a wide range of resources on making your content accessible on the Applied Inclusive Practice website: making your content accessible. 

Digital Learning Team – SETL

Spring/Summer Digital Learning Seminar Series 2021 coming up:

Digital Skills Team DTS

The Digital Skills Team are hosting a live demo training on how to use Microsoft Teams to deliver a webinar. The hour-long training is scheduled for Thursday 9 September at 1:30pm and you can register for the event online.


Visit the EDI section below for more details. 

**  Accessibility  ** Equality, Diversity & Inclusion (EDI)  **  Inclusive Practice  **

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Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI)

Athena Swan Charter  **  Black History Month  **  Black Inclusion Week  **  Cultural Calendar  **   Disability  **  External  **  Gender  **  Inclusive Essentials  **  Inclusive Hallam  ** 
Inclusive Practice  **  LGBT+  **  National Inclusion Week  **  Race Equity  **  Religion, Faith and Non-Faith **  Trans 

Athena Swan Charter

For more information visit the Advance HE membership benefits overview page. Advance HE hosted a number of dissemination events throughout the summer 2021. These events provided an opportunity for colleagues in Universities and Research Institutes to learn more about the benefits of the transformed UK Athena Swan Charter

Black History Month / Black Inclusion Week

Visit the HROD’s Black History Month SharePoint page for all your information and resources on celebrating the significant contribution that people of African and Caribbean descent have made and continue to make to our diverse and vibrant society, including HROD’s Black Inclusion Week page for more details.

You can also visit Black History Month 2020: programme, resources and information

Cultural Calendar

Cultural Calendar was developed to help raise awareness and celebrate the diverse cultural backgrounds of our community at Sheffield Hallam University and is a practical tool which will help with planning meetings, exams or events when a portion of staff and students may be unavailable. 


External EDI themed events 

Advance HE

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Conference 2022: Inclusive Institutions in Action – Call for Papers

16-17 March 2022: will offer an opportunity to think deeply and creatively about what it means to be an inclusive institution, to explore models of inclusion that challenge traditional concepts of leadership and agency, and to share innovative practice around collaboration, co-ownership, allyship and solidarity.  The call for papers for this conference is now open until 17:00 (GMT), 4 October 2021. Colleagues are invited to submit a proposal for an interactive breakout/workshop session, Ignite presentation, soapbox, oral presentation or a poster presentation that addresses one of our five conference themes.

Inclusive Employers

Are the first and leading membership organisation for employers who want to build inclusive workplaces: places where all employees are valued and contribute towards the success of the organisation.  Visit the Inclusive Employers website and subscribe to hear all about their work and development opportunities.

International Collaboratory for Leadership in Universally Designed Education (INCLUDE)

Each month, a free 1-hour Professional Development Webinar will take place.  This years’ focus for our webinar series is ‘Examples of Access, Inclusion, and UDL in Higher Education around the World’.  Read more about INCLUDE and their library of webinars

Pearn Kandola

“We want to make the modern workplace fair for everyone by promoting Diversity & Inclusion and eradicating prejudice and unfairness. We are psychologists and, as such, know the importance of difference to the success of your business and your employees”. Read more about Pearn Kandola. You can access a wide range of EDI related webinars


**  LGBT+ **  Trans  ** 

Inclusive Essentials

Visit the Digital Capability section above. 

Inclusive Hallam

The Inclusive Hallam Event Series are monthly online inclusion events exploring some of society’s most challenging equality, diversity and inclusion issues and asking: “What can we all do to help make inclusion the norm within our communities and wider society?” and have covered the following themes:

**  Disabilities  ** Gender  ** LGBT+  **  Mental Health  ** Race Equity  **  Staff Wellbeing  ** 

Inclusive Practice

**  Accessibility  ** Digital Capability  ** 


**  Gender  **  Trans  ** 

National Inclusion Week

Monday 27th September – Sunday 3rd October 2021 

Inclusive Employers

Are excited to announce that you can now book your place on this year’s National Inclusion Week events! All events are free to join are focused on supporting you to plan and organise an engaging week of activity and celebrations in your organisation.  During the week itself, celebrate their #UnitedForInclusion theme with their themed events in September 2021.  

Pearn Kandola

Inclusive Development: the key to every employee reaching their full potential. In our next webinar series, as part of our contribution to National Inclusion Week, we identify how organisations can maximise the potential of each and every one of their employees. 

Race Equity

Inclusive Hallam: Race & Racism in the UK – In conversation with David Olusoga OBE
Monday 18th October 2021 3pm – 4pm 

David Olusoga is a British-Nigerian historian, broadcaster and film-maker. David will be discussing Black History, some of which is celebratory and some of which is not, he will speak to us about his own ideas knowledge and experiences.  Book your ticketsIf you wish to ask David a question please submit these prior to Friday 15th October to the mailbox we will try to get through as many as we can.

Advance HE Race Equity Charter

Religion, Faith and Non-Faith

**  Cultural Calendar  **  Inclusive Practice  ** 


  • The HROD Trans page is designed to provide all staff with an opportunity to build their awareness and understanding about the lived experiences of trans and non-binary people, proving practical advice and guidance on supporting staff and students.
**  Gender  **  LGBT+  *

Evaluation Exchanges

  • Your Evaluative Mindset resources. – are open to all university staff. These sessions provide an opportunity for staff to drop-in at any point during the sessions to discuss all things evaluation.

External Examining (EE)

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Visit the EDI section above for more details. 

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Hallam Guild

Hallam Guild events calendar – for events and activities organised by a range of Hallam Guild groups. All staff are welcome to attend. You can also see:

  • Research specific activities – below. 

Hallam Model

  • Hallam Model: What it means for you and your course – recorded session from the Course Leader Winter Fest Programme December 2020. Explored progress made with the implementation of the Hallam Model and provided academic staff an opportunity to share examples of innovative practice and identify what further support may be required and what barriers there may be to the effective implementation of the Hallam Model. There is an expectation that all courses have embed the principles of the Hallam Model by September 2021. Hallam Model Support and Resources SharePoint site

Hallam Welcome

  • TBC 

Higher Education Progression Partnership (Hepp)

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Inclusive Essentials

Visit the Digital Capability section above for more details.

Inclusive Hallam

Visit the EDI section above for more details. 

Inclusive Practice

Visit the EDI section above for more details. 

In Conversation

A series of short video podcasts showcasing our academic colleagues’ experiences of delivering teaching and learning during the pandemic. Each podcast is structured around a specific theme where colleagues can explore the challenges of delivery in the digital void, provide practical solutions and share best practice.

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Learning Analytics

Learning and Teaching Conference

Transforming Learning Conference 2021

The 2021 Sheffield Hallam University Teaching and Learning Conference was held online on the 13 and 14 September 2021.


Visit the EDI section above for more details. 

Library and Campus Services


Sheffield Hallam Events is the central service for the planning and delivery of events at Sheffield Hallam University. The service is part of the Commercial Services division of the Facilities Directorate. We are responsible for a wide range of events and the provision of other services across the University such as:

  • Commercial
  • Events toolkit
  • Graduation
  • Hospitability events catering
  • Profile raising and positioning
  • Recruitment
Library Festival

Celebrating Hallam Library – How Hallam Library Services can support you and your students in the new academic year.  

12th July onwards –  Library Services colleagues will be running micro workshops highlighting resources to enhance your learning, teaching and research, including real life best practice examples and case studies. We will spotlight resources like Digimap, Dimensions, HeinOnline, unpick the complexities of ebooks and etextbooks and ways to support decolonising the curriculum. Further details will follow in Academic Essentials, or you can contact Jo Webb  or Julia King in the Library Services, especially if you have some case studies or best practice to share.

LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning is one of the benefits that Hallam staff have with over 16,000 free courses available from industry professionals.  The University has paid for access to LinkedIn Learning, yet the overall number of users remains low. One of the main reasons for this is the lack of time outside colleagues’ daily workload.

It is important to recognise the time needed for learning and development, by making it possible for colleagues in your team to improve on and expand their skills, even if it’s just half an hour on a Friday afternoon.

LinkedIn Learning is also a great tool for coaching, developmental plans and inductions. You can recommend a course or an entire learning path and with a new ‘Curator role’, and you can even upload your own content and see who has watched it.  This is a great opportunity to think about inductions and training for your team.  

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Module Evaluation Questionnaires (MEQs)

Module Leadership

There are a number of opportunities that support our module leaders to:


National Inclusion Week

Visit the EDI section above for more information.

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Online Tutorials

**Curriculum Catalogue / view / SITS  **  Learning Analytics  **  Module Evaluation Questionnaires (MEQs)  **  Source – data reporting

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Professorship and Associate Professorship

Protect and Respect

Protect and Respect is a new learning and development programme for all staff focusing on how we can continue to build a safe and inclusive culture, with a genuine respect for different viewpoints and a sense of belonging, togetherness and wellbeing at Sheffield Hallam University.  The programme is a series of virtual sessions and e-learning modules. Staff can now book on to:

Module 1: Actively Building a Safe and Inclusive Culture

  • Lasts 90 minutes and will be delivered remotely.
  • Book through Core and search ‘Actively Building a Safe and Inclusive Culture’ in the training section.
  • Dates are now available for October and November:

E-learning modules: ‘Being an Active Bystander’ and ‘Responding to Disclosures’. 

  • register with Epigeum using your Hallam email address,
  • enter the token b6e8d605
  • follow the instructions on your account activation email.

If you can’t find your activation email, check your spam or junk mail folder. (Please note: If you have to leave the course part way through your progress will not be saved. When you next log in, use the navigation options to return to the last screen you visited to continue your progress.)

Please contact Richard Hughes (HROD Manager Cultural Development & Wellbeing) if you have any questions. 

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The UK’s quality body for higher education QAA safeguard standards and improve the quality of UK higher education wherever it is delivered around the world. We check that students get the higher education they are entitled to expect.

Take a look at their upcoming events that are based on Quality Assurance in Higher Education. 

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Race Equity

Visit the EDI section above. 

Religion, Faith and Non-Faith

Visit the EDI section above for more details. 


Hallam Guild: Valuing research in Higher Education

The Hallam Guild is pleased to announce a new group which aims to encourage and value research into higher education practice.  You can read the group’s statement, including a foreword by our Vice-Chancellor, and find out more at an online workshop in December 2021 which will showcase the impact of higher education practice research at Sheffield Hallam.

Social & Economic Research Institute (SERI) is an interdisciplinary research institute committed to cutting edge, high quality and impactful research and innovation which addresses key social, economic and environmental challenges.  

Association for Science Education’s annual conference – call for submission. We are hosting this four-day international conference, which brings together hundreds of science teachers, school leaders, researchers and stakeholders. A series of Frontier Science lectures allows the host HEI to showcase its research in the STEM subjects, providing opportunities for science teachers to update, deepen and/or extend their science subject knowledge. We are now seeking volunteers from across SHU to present their research in a Frontier Science lecture. Examples of potential areas of interest include (but are not limited to): energy and climate change, forensics, sports science, psychology and behavioural science, food engineering, materials, digital technologies, robotics and AI, health and wellbeing, languages, special educational needs and disabilities, and of course anything relating to children. And of course, in 2022, much research related to Covid-19 will be of particular interest. To nominate yourself, a team or a colleague to present a Frontier Science session, please complete the online form. We will come back to you in the coming weeks to confirm your participation and/or to request for further information if needed. If you would like to discuss whether your research is appropriate for a science teacher audience, feel free to get in touch with Professor Emily Perry (, in Sheffield Institute of Education. 

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Also known as curriculum catalogue / view. Visit Academic Essentials: support for course and module design and delivery overview page for access to online tutorials and guidance on how to navigate the system.

SOURCE – data reporting

  • Student Data Development sessions: Bitesize sessions – a range of online tutorials and past resources to guide you through The Source.

Staff Wellbeing

October 2021: events and activities

  • Monday 4th October: 1:00pm – 2:30pm  – Sheffield IAPT will be hosting a ‘Managing Wellbeing in Uncertain Times’ virtual session – further details of content and to book
  • Wednesday 20th October – We have a lunchtime online sketching session hosted by Emily’s notebook, You don’t need to know how to draw or have any experience. In fact, the purpose of this lunchtime session will be to explore:
    • Getting started keeping a sketchbook and building a daily practise.
    • How I use my sketching habit to support my wellbeing (as a busy professional mum of two!).
    • Making time in my day whether between 5 minutes or an hour.
    • To draw!

    We’d love to encourage staff to sign up, even if just to listen while eating lunch.


Staff and Educational Development Association (SEDA)

Student Systems

Supporting our Students

  • Supporting our Students Module – created to give clear information and guidance on the Student Support Offer for 2020/21. All student-facing staff are encouraged to complete this to ensure they have a full understanding about the services available and the appropriate referral paths for accessing help and support.   

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Visit the EDI section above for more details. 

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UK Advising and Tutoring (UKAT)



VC all-staff events

The VC, Professor Sir Chris Husbands, will be holding the following all-staff events on Zoom and are a great opportunity for you to hear our plans and priorities for the new academic year. Both events are the same so please only sign up to one, we will be releasing a recording afterwards for anyone who is unable to attend.  




The Women’s Higher Education Network (WHEN) annual conference – 6th – 10th September 2021 – refer to Gender section for more details. 







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