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Digital Capability, Skills and Support

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Digital Capability, Skills and Support aims to provide you with a range of guidance, information and resources relating to teaching, learning and assessment.

In the first instance, please use our dedicated search list ‘looking for something in particular’.

This provides you with links to the source of content. Wherever there are multiple sources, these will appear on this page. As part of the development of Academic Essentials, we are working with our stakeholders to bring together all multiple sources of content into one place.

The content here has been curated by a range of stakeholders from across both academic and professional services teams and is managed by the Academic Development & Inclusion (ADI) Team..


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Tools and Resources

An A-Z library of tools and resources that support digital capability, skills and development.  Select one of the following titles:

Digital AccessibilityTwitter | Video Conferencing | Viv Engage | Webinars


Digital Accessibility

Digital Skills Hub: digital accessibility 
A range of SCULPT resources and training guides 
Digital Learning Team:
A range of resources and training guides to support
your teaching & learning
Academic Development & Inclusion (ADI):
A range of resources that focus on
inclusive pedagogy & practice
Mandatory staff module: digital accessibility
Log into Blackboard using your SHU credentials
In Conversation: digital accessibility 
A short podcast in which colleagues discuss how digital accessibility techniques can be adopted to produce more inclusive teaching materials
Social Media for Learning: blog on digital accessibility
Health checks and points to consider
Library Gateway accessible formats:
make it accessible with Sensus Access


Sector Resources

  • Are your websites accessible?
    • Web Accessibility Initiative: an alt decision tree – this decision tree describes how to use the alt text facility on images. 
    • Web Accessibility in Mind Conference:
    • Screen readers: a video on how to use screen readers
    • PopeTech: bring to you their November Accessibility Focus: colour contrast – articles and videos.
    • Designing for web accessibility website – introduces some basic considerations to help you get started making your user interface design and visual design more accessible to people with disabilities. 
    • Read more on the Global Accessibility Awareness’ Day website.
    • Accessibility Insights – The “Headings” and “Tab stop” checkers are really handy to make sure your sight has correct headers and it can be navigated via keyboard.
    • Wave –  checks lots of issues and gives you a little report. 

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Visit the Social Media for Learning blog site brought to you by Sue Beckingham, which features:

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Video Conferencing

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Viva Engage

Viva Engage is a workplace social app for Hallam staff. Previously known as Yammer, it’s now part of our Office 365 licence and available within Teams, Outlook and SharePoint. We’re tidying it up to make it more secure and clear out some old inactive groups – so it won’t be available for a few weeks. Soon, we’ll be relaunching it as a place to connect socially with your colleagues across the University and create workplace communities that aren’t bound by organisational structures or project teams. If you have a suggestion for a community you’d like to run or if you would like to be part of the Viva Engage pilot we’ll be running over summer, please let us know.


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Last updated: 29th March 2024 NB