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Supporting our Students at Hallam

FeedbackThis section has been curated by a range of stakeholders from across both academic and professional services teams to provide you with guidance and information on how we support our students at Hallam and provides access to a wide range of support resources that many of our student-facing staff undertake.

This resource is maintained by the Academic Development & Diversity Team on behalf of our stakeholders. If you’d like to become a stakeholder and contribute to this resource, have a suggestion for content or just want to offer feedback, click the feedback button and let us know!


Student Support Triangle

Students in Distress

Supporting students in distress is a guide to Hallam staff on what to do if you come into contact with a student in distress, whether you have specific responsibility for pastoral support or you simply work with students in the course of your job. 

Suicide Prevention Pathway

The Hallam’s Suicide Prevention Pathway guidance is for front line staff who encounter distressed students. 

Advice on a specific situation

If you require advice on how best to deal with a specific situation the Wellbeing team are able to provide guidance. Please email: ! Student Wellbeing. 

Using the title ‘Advice Required’ and a Duty Adviser will provide support when they are free. For emergency situations please follow the Students in Distress guidance above. 

Research Degrees

Staff supporting students on research degrees should use:  Wellbeing folder on the Research Degrees blackboard site

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Missing students

The missing students process – November 2020 supports staff in the investigation and response to all missing student alerts.  A missing person’s alert may come into the university via several different routes. 

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Next Steps

Next Steps is a simple, user friendly, digital tool that is designed to support students transition to their next level of study, or graduation by providing them with key information and resources based on their level of study and their level of confidence in the following areas:

  • Academic Skills and Reflection
  • Wellbeing
  • Extra-Curricular and Graduate Opportunities
  • There is also a section designed to support students with their Personal and Professional Development.

Academic Advising leads have been asked to consider how the Next Steps tool can best support their areas academic advising offer, but it is anticipated that Academic Advising conversations can be underpinned by students engagement with the Next Steps tool and the signposting they receive from it based upon their confidence in key areas.  You can watch our staff video to find out more or visit the Next Steps SharePoint site.

For level 6 and level 7 students Next Steps is part of the Class of 2021 offer, with the Personal and Professional Development section linking to the Graduate Readiness Award. You can watch the student ‘how to’ video.

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Digital Student Handbook

The Sheffield Hallam Digital Student Handbook has been developed providing students, on courses delivered at Sheffield Hallam, with access to key university policies, procedures and support. The handbook sits alongside course information provided at Hallam Welcome and any additional course materials provided.  Students are introduced to the handbook as part of their Hallam Welcome module and further communications about it from marketing. 

Course Leaders

Please ensure that you add the student handbook to your Course Blackboard sites.  

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Student Communications Framework 

Student Digest is a weekly round-up of all the key messages to students. You can read all student messages by visiting the Beyond Covid 19 SharePoint site.

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Student support model module

A new Supporting our Students Module has been created to give clear information and guidance on the Student Support Offer for 2020/21. All student-facing staff are encouraged to complete this to ensure they have a full understanding about the services available and the appropriate referral paths for accessing help and support. 

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A-Z support services

Please take a look at Student and Academic Services (SAS) – semester 1 2021-22 offer SharePoint site for an overview of student support arrangements. As part of this offer, select one of the following title to access additional student support services and guidance. 



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Academic Advising

New student guidance on what the Academic Advising offer looks like.

Access and Participation Plan

Take a look at our new 5-year Access and Participation Plan (APP 2020/21 to 2024/25) came into effect at the start of this academic year. Read more on why does access and participation matter.  You can also view a recent briefing paper delivered by the the Civic University Network and Chris Milward, Director of Access and Participation on Improving local prosperity through pathways and participation

Active Bystander

We want to promote an inclusive campus community. That’s why, as part of the Hallam Welcome and start of the new academic year, all students at Sheffield Hallam are expected to complete the online ‘Tackling Harassment’ course from Epigeum.

Learn about how to recognise harassment and hate incidents and appropriate strategies for intervening and find out how you can make a positive impact on your University community from the start.  Students will need to complete the Active Bystander course in the Tackling Harassment programme. 

Assessment and Feedback

Student guidance and resources on assessment and feedback can be sourced from:

  • Assessment 4 Students – dedicated assessment and feedback resource – currently under review
  • My Hallam: Assessment Support 2021/22 
  • QAA – Unpacking Assessments: Student Guide is available on our Membership Resources site and is accessible to staff and students from QAA Member institutions which have subscribed to the Quality Insights package. Students can sign up to the site by completing this simple form

Attendance and Engagement

Big Read

This year’s Big Read is How to Save Our Planet: the Facts by Professor Mark Maslin, an important book for anyone who wants to learn more about the climate emergency and what action we can take. Written for everybody, we hope our Big Read 2021 will get you talking about climate change and sharing ideas for action.  Find out more, including how to get your free copy, from the 2021 Big Read site.

We will be running events and activities connected with the book and its themes throughout this academic year. In the meantime, get your free copy and enjoy reading and talking about climate change. If, when you have finished the book, you don’t want to keep your copy, please pass it on or drop it back at your campus library. 

We would also love to see you reading How to Save Our Planet: tag a photo of yourself reading #Hallambigread2021. And do get in touch with your recommendations for other books and resources to help our community learn more about climate change!  

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Look at the Digital Capability, Skills and Support overview page for details of how your students can engage with Blackboard and how you can communicate with your students through Blackboard.

Break in Study

A break in study is an agreement between the student and the University that the student will spend a period of time (usually between 6-18 months) away from their studies, and resume them on a specified date. For guidance and forms, visit the Academic Services: Break in Study SharePoint site. 

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Capacity to Study

The Supporting your Capacity to Study Process may be applied where you have concerns that a student’s capacity to study is being impaired for complex health or personal reasons.


Do your students have caring responsibilities** that affect their studies? Are they a care leaver themselves or have no family to support them whilst at university?

**A carer is someone who provides practical and/or emotional support to an adult or child with an illness, disability, frailty, mental health problems or substance misuse issues.  You can provide support information to your students from the following:


September 2021 – we will be launching Handshake to our students and graduates as the careers platform for searching for job opportunities, including campus jobs, part-time work, placements and graduate roles, as well as for booking careers events. Handshake will be replacing UniHub for all careers activities. We will promoting Handshake to students from September. Learn more about Handshake, how you can use the platform as an academic and how you can support your students. 

Visit the Student mentoring section below for details of the Career Mentoring Scheme. 

Disabled Student Support

Disabled Student Support recommends reasonable adjustments through the provision of learning contracts and the delivery of specialist services. They support students with a range of disabilities, including specific learning difficulties, sensory impairments, mental health difficulties, medical and physical conditions and autism spectrum condition. 

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Extenuating circumstances

The Extenuating Circumstances Policy and Procedures aims to support students who experience unexpected and unanticipated difficulties which adversely impact on their studies and their ability to complete assessments or complete them to their usual standard. Visit the:

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Fitness to Practice

These regulations relate to specific courses, generally in health and education.  The purpose of these regulations is to enable the University to ensure that students on courses leading to professional accreditation are fit to practise in the relevant profession and that they meet the professional standards of the relevant professional, statutory or regulatory body. 


Group Work

Are your students working on a group assignment or presentation? Are they looking for resources on how to set up a productive study group? Visit the Group Work and Study Groups guidance from the Skills Centre.

Does your student have a Learning Contract? If so, visit the student guidance on adjustments to group work in your learning contract – My Hallam.


International Student Experience

The International Experience Team (staff SharePoint site) aims to provide an international experience to all students on campus and support students and staff with guidance and resources on:

Student Guidance

  • My Hallam – student guidance for all pre arrival and visa information, airport pick up and orientation and signposting to academic support and post study work.
  • Go Global scheme to support students wider experience. 
  • Drop In for International Students: the International Experience Team are available for a drop-in for general enquiries and visa support – no need to book. Drop in times: Monday – Friday 11am – 12pm and 2pm – 3pm – Zoom room
  • Studiosity: see the Skills Centre section below.  
  • University English Scheme – the scheme offers a programme of academic English classes for students with English as a second language and who wish to develop their academic English.  Visit the Academic English Library page for details on dates/times and how to access. International students can also self-enrol on the University English Scheme Blackboard site

Staff guidance

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Keeping safe on campus

Our Keeping our Community Covid safe presentation – for academic staff to use with students at the start of their teaching sessions. This has been created to give you information and key messaging to help you embed our safety measures, protocols and messaging around Covid. 

Hallam Digital Skills

Here we have guidance for your students on their transferable digital skills development.

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Handshake is a global careers platform connecting our students and graduates, the University, and employers together in one place.  Starting in Welcome Week, Handshake will be used to promote all job opportunities, career events and fairs to our students and graduates, whether these are locally, nationally and globally. Please note that we will no longer be using UniHub for careers events and job opportunities. 

Heller Bursary

The Sir Michael and Lady Morven Heller Bursary is an award of between £500 and £2,000 which is intended to financially support students to do something they are passionate about, that is completely outside of their area of academic study and allowing them to express and develop their passions alongside their academic studies.  Find out more about the Heller Bursary and the impact it’s had on Hallam students by watching this short video.

Internship Offers

Here, you’ll find information on both our internship offers to our final year students:

  • Our Hallam Internship and Santander Universities Internship Schemes.
  • Our Find your own Hallam Funded Internship offer.

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Library Services

Welcome to Library Services – provides an overview of Library Services and the teams that underpin the work that enable us to build on our strengths to develop access to knowledge to support the learning, teaching and research of all students and academic colleagues.

Library learning and teaching support Library Resources Library Research support
Skills Systems and Service Developments Library Online

Library learning and teaching support

  • Library gateway
  • Staff guide to using Library gateway
  • RLO and reading lists online
    • The reading lists online – a guide for academic staff helps you begin to consider how you can create your online reading list and ensure its accessible for all students. Please note that when preparing your reading lists for your modules to send your list for review to the team at least 6 weeks before teaching so that the Library staff can source your reading materials. 
    • Degree Awarding Gap website – decolonising the curriculum RLO and other resources to support  – visit the race equity activity resource webpage for more details.
    • Inclusive Practice website – disability related RLO and resources to support – visit the inclusive practice resource webpage for more details.
  •  Referencing for staff and students
  • Subject guides for specialist resources
  • Subject Librarians (contacts that support your course/module).
  • Copyright – is a ‘property right’ which exists to protect the economic rights of those who create works e.g. authors, artists, publishers and must be considered when creating materials for teaching and learning and in particular including on your Blackboard site.

Library Resources

Acquisitions  *  Document delivery services  *  Metadata services

Resources Showcase

Your Library Services are very excited to announce their first online Resources Showcase for academics. Opportunities to join online events, live demonstrations and presentations on just some of the varied research tools available to the Sheffield Hallam community through the Library Services. No need to book, just come along and join in.

There is also an opportunity for you to share your experiences using any of our online resources. If you would like to contribute a short ‘talking head’ video on your favourite resource, please do get in touch with Julia King.

Library Research support

Research support librarians – provide high quality information and advisory services. We support research students, researchers and research active academic staff and other university colleagues and aim to build the University’s strengths in research, innovation and knowledge transfer.


We offer inclusive academic skills development to all students at Hallam. Visit the SKILLS Centre section for a range of their services.  

Systems and Service Development

The team has responsibility to ensure that all systems are developed and used effectively throughout Library Services and Student Support Services.

Library Online

Here to support students to become independent learners and to be successful throughout their time at university. We will help them develop the academic skills they need and provide them with the best resources to support their learning. 

Online Journal Subscriptions

Library Services are pleased to announce that we subscribed to a new online journal. The Journal of Contemporary Antisemitism (JCA),  is one of the few journals exclusively dedicated to the analysis of antisemitism, focuses on the multiple and changing manifestations of antisemitism in the contemporary world. 

Update on new and existing resources.

The Library Service provide an update on new and existing resources each month – take a look at their:

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Listening Rooms

Listening Rooms is about hearing the authentic student voice and actively listening to student experiences. 

Module Selection

Module selection – student guidance for 2021/22 – for elective modules guidance.

Multifaith Chaplaincy

The Multifaith Chaplaincy serves students and staff of all faiths and none, offering personal support, and religious advice and information. 

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Office for Students

The Office for Students work with higher education providers to make sure that students succeed in higher education. 

Open Days

Peer Teaching and Learning

Peer learning and peer-led learning are effective ways to facilitate students working together and developing their skills. On this site you will find information, training materials and self-help resources for a wide range of different support frameworks from group working to mentoring to peer assisted study support. 

Remote Learning

A range of external resources that support students in working independently from home and accessing learning remotely.


The Skills Centre provides a range of opportunities to support the development of academic study skills through webinars, one to one appointments, peer learning opportunities, and a range online self-help resources, including study guides, screencasts, Skills4StudyCampus, and Studiosity. Students can start with a Skills Check, work through an Essential eLearning Module, and identify further areas to develop; such as Critical Writing, Structuring Assignments and Writing your Dissertation. 

Discover and learn new digital skills to help you and your students study effectively and enhance employability with our online sessions, resources and video tutorials. 

Essential Skills for Academic Success  *  Maths and Statistics Service  *  The Writing Gym  *  Skills for Study  *  Studiosity Student Connect

Essentials Skills for Academic Success

From Welcome Week, all new students (FY, Level 4 and Level 7) will be enrolled onto our short induction module in Blackboard – ‘Essential Skills for Academic Success’. The module takes around 30 minutes to complete and introduces students to the key academic skills they’ll need for the year ahead, and the development opportunities available from the Skills Centre.

As part of the module, students will complete the SkillsCheck – a self-evaluation tool that creates a personalised action plan with suggested webinars and resources, targeting the skills that students themselves prioritise. We strongly encourage all new students to complete the SkillsCheck in the first two weeks of term to help them to engage early with the skills development opportunities available across the university.

For more information on how to access the module in Blackboard, please visit our Essentials Skills Module website or email Dr Kirsty Hemsworth:

Maths and Statistics Support Service

The free Maths and Statistics Support Service provided at Sheffield Hallam University is for students from any course. Students can get help with any problems they may be having with the mathematical or statistics content of their course, support with any aspect of quantitative research or help with numeracy aptitude tests as part of a job application.

  • Maths support
    • Semester 1: offering maths support as both face to face and online drop-in sessions. Take a look at our Session Times 
  • Statistics Support
    • Currently has a weekly online drop in on Wednesdays 4:00pm – 5:30pm and bookable online appointments but face to face appointments and drop ins will be gradually phased in during the year.  For the latest details see our stats support sessions webpage. Take a look at our new interactive statistical test chooser
  • Visit our website for links to direct key information and our virtual locations which you can print or place directly within your Blackboard site.

If you have any queries, feedback or would like to speak to us about supporting your students, please share this leaflet with your students or contact:

  • Sarah Woodall for maths support at 
  • Ellen Marshall for statistics support
  • Follow us on twitter @SHU_MASS for up to date information about our service. 

The Writing Gym

Is a 6-week programme created to help support your Level 7 students through the dissertation process by providing a space to learn new approaches to writing, share ideas with others, and crucially do some writing! The programme runs 3 times a year, in November, March and June to fit different dissertation deadlines. Each session is 90 minutes and involves a mix of tuition, goal setting, writing ./and sharing experiences. Students are invited to book onto the gym induction session

Skills For Study

Skills for Study is an interactive package on a wide range of academic skills, which can guide students to develop in their priority areas.  See a quick 1 minute summary, a 7 minute presentation and demo, or step by step instructions about making links from Blackboard. 


We have 2 services available from Studiosity. Each academic year all Hallam students can use the service up to 8 times. The allowance resets at the end of July – so it is worth encouraging students to use their full allocation before the end of the month.

  • writing feedback service (not a proofreading service): students upload an extract of their work to Studiosity (accessed via Blackboard) and will receive written feedback in within 24 hours. This service is available 24/7.
  • connect live: students can chat live with an academic skills specialist who can offer a broad range of support. This service is available 24/7.
  • look at the briefing for staff from 2019/20 and further guidance on LibGuides webpage ‘get feedback on my work’

Student Connect

An online mentoring platform by Studiosity which is coordinated by the Skills Centre in Library Services. Level 6 (or higher who completed their undergrad at Hallam) students provide “help not answers” to level 4 students through voice or text chat. When a level 4 student signs in to system they request whether they want module specific or general study skills support and the system then connects them to the mentor who most closely matches their needs. The service is currently unlimited and available 12 noon – 10pm seven days a week.

The service successfully piloted in semester 2 last academic year but we would like to greatly increase the uptake of the service this year.   You can help us by:

If you have any questions about the above please don’t hesitate to email   

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Student Data Requests

Throughout the year we receive a number of calls from parents who are concerned about their son or daughter.  This is usually because they haven’t had any contact from them, but may be because they sound as though they are struggling in some way. When dealing with these calls, staff need to be conscious of the student’s wellbeing and their privacy rights. Visit Academic Services: Student Data Requests SharePoint page for guidance. 

Student death notification

In the sad event that the University is notified of the death of a current student, Helena Roulston, the Multifaith Chaplaincy Co-ordinator/Chaplain notifies key contacts including the Academic Services SITS Help Service Desk. The SITS Help Service Desk team also processes notifications for applicants and alumni. Visit Academic Services: Student death notifications SharePoint page for guidance. 

Student Funding Team

The Student Funding team aims to remove financial barriers to study through the provision of targeted financial schemes, one-to-one appointments and money skills workshops.

Student Help and Advice Team

The Student Help and Advice Team is the front face of SHU Student Support Services via self-help, virtual and face-to-face support.  The Student Help and Advice Team is made up of Hallam Help and Student Transition and Welfare. 

SHU Progress – applicant support scheme – support for applicants whose personal circumstances might mean that there are barriers for them going to, or considering university and provides additional support in the year of application and throughout the application process, including transition to becoming a university student. 

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Student-led Withdrawal

This process relates to enrolled students who wish to fully withdraw from their studies, including students who leave within 14 calendar days of their start date (formerly ‘cancelled’).

  • Visit the Academic Services: Student-led Withdrawal SharePoint page for guidance and relevant forms. 
  • Non-engagement – regulation 10 of the Standard Assessment Regulations stipulates that the University can deem a student to be withdrawn based on evidence of their non-engagement.


Student Mentoring

GROW mentoring scheme

Sheffield Hallam’s pioneering GROW mentoring programme, which pairs Year 10,11 and 13 pupils with Hallam graduate mentors, has been highlighted on the Trevor Phillips on Sunday programme on Sky News. Speaking on the programme, project director, Sue O’Brien, said: “If we want to thrive as a nation, we need to invest in our young people.” Watch the clip from 37.40.

New Beginnings – mentoring for refugees

The New Beginnings Project, run by Voluntary Action Sheffield, supports asylum seekers and refugees’ integration into Sheffield life through volunteering, employment, education, and mentoring. Our staff have for many years mentored people who are settled in the UK and ready to work or study, but we’re now looking for more volunteers to be mentors, as part of our commitment to supporting access to higher education for refugees.  The role is open to all staff with support and guidance available. Mentoring requires a small commitment from you but can make a transformational change in someone’s life. To find out more about what’s involved, please refer to the FAQs

Peer Teaching and Learning

Resources to support student mentoring in respect of peer and peer-led learning.

Student Connect

After a pilot phase in Semester 2 this year, Student Connect is now looking to recruit new student mentors ahead of a larger roll out in Semester 1 of 2021/22. Student Connect is an innovative online platform, provided by the Skills Centre and Studiosity, that connects level 4 students with level 6 mentors and post-grad mentors (who completed their undergraduate study at Hallam). Mentors are paid and receive training on how to provide “help, not answers”. Mentees can select what module they would like support with and are matched to the most appropriate mentor available. To ensure the greatest coverage of modules the mentor pool needs to come from as many courses as possible.

We are asking staff to encourage students to apply to ensure we receive large numbers of applications from a wide range of courses. To find out more please see our Student Connect blog article for staff and students.

Visit the Academic Development and Events page for details of any upcoming events and activities around mentoring. 

Career Mentoring Scheme

Being a mentor can be a rewarding and interesting experience which can also aid your own personal and professional development. Our mentors come from a variety of backgrounds, industries and roles. You’ll use your skills, experience and knowledge to support a student as they prepare to make the transition from education into employment. Whatever the activities you agree with your mentee, we can provide support and resources to help you. Read more about our Career Mentoring Scheme.   

Student References

Have you been asked to provide a reference for a student? If so, please refer to Hallam University – HROD guidance and ACAS guidance on providing a job reference

Student Representatives

  • Want to know how to recruit, support and develop your student reps? The Academic Representation Handbook 2019/20  was produced by the Academic Representation team in the Students’ Union to help professional services staff and academics colleagues.
  • Do you need help working with your student reps?  Visit the university’s Working with Student Reps: an online resource which will provide you with information and advice on areas such as recruiting, training, and supporting both Course Representatives and Department Representatives. 

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Student Wellbeing

The Student Wellbeing Service offers a range of confidential support for students who experience emotional, psychological or personal difficulties during their time at Hallam.  The Student Wellbeing team’s resource site providing staff guidance to help support students with a wide variety of welfare issues:

  • An A-Z of specific issues with recommended advice and support for each.
  • Selection of short videos created by our practitioners on key wellbeing topics
  • What’s on guide highlighting wellbeing events
  • Support for coping during the current pandemic and when self isolating
  • Student Space – created by Student Minds to make support more accessible.
  • Wellbeing Drop Ins – hosted each Wednesday 2pm – 2.30pm – session can be booked via the UniHub and places are limited to 10 people per session to make the pace more comfortable.
  • Appointments – support currently offered remotely by either telephone or via the secure audio-visual platform Zoom – Visit the website and register for support
  • Group Sessions – practitioner led group sessions cover a variety of common issues experienced by students. Full details available on the group timetable and are booked via the UniHub
  • Also visit the Student Support Triangle section above for further guidance on support our students. 

Student mental health

Mental health support at Sheffield Hallam – a My Hallam guide.

Over the last decade there has been a significant shift in the willingness of students to talk about their mental health. The number of UK applicants sharing a mental health condition in their UCAS application has increased by 450% in this time, yet this report shows there is still more work to do to address the myths and stigma around mental health, and to highlight the support available to students in higher education as we find that nearly half of students do not share information about their mental health. UCAS estimates over 70,000 students entered HE in 2020 with an existing mental health condition, but only 49% shared this information with their university or college.  

Take a look at UCAS report on student mental health – starting the conversation and their press report – released 17th June 2021.  

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Students Union

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Summer Enrichment Programme

Take a look at the schedule for further information and please do share with your students.


There are 2 types of transcript products that Hallam provide to either current or alumni students. Take a look at Academic Services Transcript guidance. 

Transferring student records

Course Transfers: a transfer is when a student changes course code. Students can transfer at any time during the academic year. This also includes:

  • occurrence transfers
  • mode transfers
  • revalidation transfers 

Trans Student Requests

The University is currently developing a Trans Student Policy, in the meantime if you are approached by a student asking about formally changing their name and/or gender on SITS as part of their gender identity journey please read the Trans Student Requests – SITS system changes guidance and contact the relevant Academic Services Systems and Reporting Manager who will be able to advise you on what the student needs to provide (the student may have already discussed this with their Student Support Adviser). 

Technical Operations Resources and Services (TORS)

Deliver at elbow support to a vast and diverse range of activities across all teaching, research and commercial activities. TORS is made up of highly qualified, specialist and experienced members of technical staff. Contact the team at ! Technical Support. For College guidance visit:

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