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To support peer and peer-led learning, click on one of the following headings to access range of resources. 

Getting started

Advance HE

The Peer Learning Project 2017 was set up to draw together the range of peer learning and mentoring schemes for students that operate within the Cathedrals Group of Universities.  The purpose was to examine good practice wherever it exists and to examine the commonalities and unique features across the group. Out of this project was the Peer Learning and Mentoring Scheme Toolkit.

Peer-led Learning Initiative Rationale

Before embarking on any peer-led learning work it is important to consider the rationale for intervention as well as considering participation, selection/allocation, support and accountability. The Rationale form will help you capture these initial thoughts and provide you with a base to review and evaluate from. 

Student Partnership and Peer Learning

University of Edinburgh, Institute for Academic Development: a practical guide to scaling up student-staff partnership in higher education.

Peer Learning – Teach Meet: successes and challenges

On 10th July 2019, colleagues came together to take part in peer and peer-led learning discussions and share their experiencesTake a look at our Infographic – summary of the day and the following presentations and posters:



Delegate Feedback

  • “I thoroughly enjoyed the day. I have learnt so much about peer learning and how this can benefit students at my institution .Thank you for organising this event. It was lovely to meet staff from SHU and other institutions.”
  • “I really liked the short, sharp presentations and the variety of speakers (academic staff, skills professionals etc). It was a great way to come together with other people passionate about peer learning to hear more about what’s going on at other institutions and how I might relate that personally to my own context. Thank you!”
  • “I genuinely thought the layout of the day was spot on…Well done on a very successful event!”

Questions to consider when introducing new support

  • Why are you looking to introduce support? Why now?
  • Do you/your team have the time to commit to supporting a peer-led learning scheme/event?
  • Is there anyone who can provide you with administrative support (emails/ room bookings etc)?
  • When will support start and end?
  • How will you recruit student leaders?
  • What training will student leaders need and when will this take place?
  • When will you meet/communicate with student leaders to brief them on what is expected of them?
  • How will you match student leaders with participants?
  • How will you keep in touch with student leaders to ensure they feel supported?
  • How and when will you evaluate the support?
  • How will you celebrate/recognise the contribution of students?


Ask the Experts – Toolkit

Ask the Experts involves training pairs of students who have been through a particular experience or transition (i.e. starting university or going on placement), to deliver a one-off workshop to students going through, or preparing for, the same experience or transition. All staff leave the room for these workshops which allows the student leaders to share their valuable lived experience candidly and creates a safe space for students to ask questions.

The approach and toolkit was created at Sheffield Hallam University by Nick Russell. We hope you are able to use it with your students to provide timely student-led support and to understand the student experience better! If you download the toolkit we would be extremely grateful if you can take a moment to complete our toolkit registration form to help us see where interest for the model is coming from. 

There are 3 different parts to the toolkit:

    1. Experts toolkit – Word
    2. Experts training – Powerpoint
    3. Experts facilitators script – Word

Watch our video for more details.


If you have any questions about the toolkit we would love to hear from you – please email Nick Russell at

Group work

Assessed group work and student study groups

Visit The Skills Centre LibGuides for more guidance and information on these topics. We have also recently developed a new e-module on group work which students can self enrol on or tutors can requests students be batch enrolled and covers a range of important tools and techniques to help students succeed with group work.

Icebreakers guide

When icebreakers work well they have a profoundly positive impact on the rapport of a group and help to create an engaged and active learning environment.  View our guide to successfully running icebreakers.

External Reading


Information for students being mentored

Getting the most out of your mentoring relationship

Student Mentor Training Resources and supporting documents

External reading


Training and leader resources 

Resources for staff

Reading Lists Online

Take a look at the range of recommended reading lists online to support your course/module in all aspects of peer learning.