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Peer learning and peer-led learning are effective ways to facilitate students working together and developing their skills. On this site you will find information, training materials and self-help resources for a wide range of different support frameworks from group working to mentoring to peer assisted study support.

Peer Learning

Is a long established mode of support that involves students working in parallel to support each other; this often involves an added level of training or scaffolding to provide a clear understanding of how to do this. Take a look at the benefits of Peer Learning

Peer-led Learning

Involves training more senior students to support their junior peers both academically and pastorally. Take a look at the benefits of Peer-led Learning

Peer Mentoring

Peer mentoring involves experienced students supporting less experienced students for mutual benefit. Take a look at what Peer Mentoring is all about. 


To support peer and peer-led learning, take a look at a wide range of resources