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Digital Resilience

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Guide, support, collaborate and help you navigate your learning needs as you grow in digital maturity to create inclusive experiences.


What is Digital Resilience?

Digital resilience is your ability to maximize, control and respond to the ever-changing digital world.  Whilst software packages and tools come and go, developing your personal resilience will ensure you can overcome any of the digital challenges you face.  In essence it equips you with ideas, options and opportunities.

The ADD team are here to support, guide, collaborate and help you navigate your learning needs as you develop your digital resilience and foster inclusive working and teaching practices.  Our digital portfolio includes the following offer:

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Inclusive Digital Essential Programme

This is a series of bite sized workshops and resources which seek to grow staff confidence in the inclusive and accessible application of digital tools.  These sessions seek to foster digital resilience and equip individuals with competencies that help them navigate the digital arena effectively and inclusively.  Our current offer explores:

  • What is Inclusive Practice?
  • Word Essentials
  • PowerPoint Essentials
  • Excel Essentials

These are open to both academic and professional service staff.  We deliver a range of workshops throughout the year but if you would like to discuss a bespoke session as part of a team event or meeting please contact the ADD Team to find out more. These can be introductory 10-15 minute slots or longer staff development events. 

Inclusive Essentials: PowerPoint Inclusive Essentials: Better Browsing


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In Conversation

In ConversationIn Conversation is an approach to video-based resource creation developed by the ADD team which seeks to bring multiple voices to a topic and anchors these through a series of questions, responses and reflective statements.   We are using this approach to:

  • Model the practice of adding a pedagogic wrapper to video-based content.
  • Tackle conversations that are at the heart of our ADD portfolio.
  • Develop a range of resources that can be used by staff and students to trigger ‘important’ conversations.

If you would like to discuss the creation of an In Conversation topic or would like to know more about how you could utilize this approach please contact our ADD graduate intern Daria Krolak (

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Digital Capability and Capacity Group

This is a community of practice which represents individuals who work and lead in the digital space across the University.  This group seeks to:

  • generate a shared understanding of the current work and future plans in the ‘digital/online space’.
  • collectively identify areas for collaboration which will promote integrated staff and student facing approaches, identifying immediate priority actions.
  • Foster more collaborative approaches to meeting and shaping university priorities for these three key groups: Professional Services/ Academic and Research Staff/ Students

If you would like know more about the group please please contact the ADD Team  

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Digital Tools and Resources

We work with teams across the university to shape and develop practices and resources that support teaching and learning.  Samples of recent work include:

Customizable Diamond Nine reflection tool URL Toolkit – a collection of resources that help you build simple interactive activities Privilege for sale – discussion activity
Next Steps – student action planning resource Privilege runners – discussion activity Promoting student inclusion – staff guide
Inclusive and engaging practices: webinars and meetings (website) 

You can also find a wide range of guidance, information and digital tools on Academic Essentials: Digital Capability, Skills and Support website

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Last updated: 11th April 2022 NB