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Curated by a range of stakeholders from across both academic and professional services teams, this resource aims to provide you with guidance and information to support the assessment and feedback journey from the design of inclusive, accessible assessment to the management of assessment activities and feedback methods through to reflecting on your module/course.

This resource is maintained by the Academic Development & Diversity Team on behalf of our stakeholders. If you’d like to become a stakeholder and contribute to this resource, have a suggestion for content or just want to offer feedback, let us know! Feedback
There are many assessment and feedback development opportunities both within Hallam and beyond. Visit Academic Essentials: teaching and research development: activities and events section for more details.  Events
Want to collaborate with colleagues on assessment and feedback? Join the Assessment for Applied Learning Forum!  Join us!
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Course Design

Setting (module level)

  • Module assessment: learning outcomes * criteria and type * tasks and methods * verification and moderation
  • Regulations: tariff * word limits * university grade descriptors * rubrics 
  • Feedback: design and types of feedback
  • Re-assessments: departmental assessment boards (DABs) * extensions (request to repeat an assessment attempt (RRAA) and request to extend a submission deadline (RESD) * referrals * deferrals * continuing * sub-tasks * in-module retrieval * grade-based assessment
  • Assessment scheduling: task clustering * statement * group work * examinations * calendar * to-do list 

Supporting students

  • Student / Academic Conduct
  • Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI): Disability * Inclusive Practice * International * Race Equity * training and development.
  • IT equipment and display screen assessment (DSE)
  • Student Wellbeing 

Submitting / Sitting

Marking / Feedback

Reflecting and Reviewing

Assessment reflections: annual review * course and module review (CMR) * module evaluation questionnaires (MEQs) * departmental periodic reviews * student attainment / voice * student surveys * external examiners * college and departmental * next steps

News, sector reports and Assessment Essentials resource statistics 

Advance HE News

Resource statistics

Each month we collate the views and visitor data from the resource. This enables us to:

  • See what our staff are looking at in terms of the resource content structure.
  • Track data in relation to periods within the academic calendar.
  • Review where we need to make changes to the structure and content.
  • Share data with our stakeholders so that they can update/improve on the content provided to our academic colleagues.

This resource replaced the old-style platform (because of accessibility) and so the Assessment Essentials: data stats – visitors and views overview begin March 2022. If you have any feedback regarding the content of Assessment Essentials or the statistics, please contact the Academic Development & Diversity Team.

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Last updated: 31st January 2023 NB