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Advance HE membership benefits

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Advance HE is a member-led, sector-owned charity that works with institutions and higher education across the world to improve higher education for staff, students and society, with a particular focus on enhancing teaching and learning, effective governance, leadership development and tackling inequalities in equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI). View Advance HE’s strategy 2021-24

Sheffield Hallam University is accredited through Advance HE to award Associate Fellowship, Fellowship and Senior Fellowship to staff and students through a number of routes comprising the TALENT Professional Recognition scheme. Support is also offered for staff applying for Principal Fellowship through direct application to Advance HE. For more information on fellowship, please see the TALENT website or email:

Sheffield Hallam University also has Advance HE institutional membership, which entitles all staff to access a number of benefits as detailed below. To subscribe to Advance HE’s monthly newsletter visit the Advance HE membership websiteYou do not need to hold Advance HE Fellowship in order to access membership benefits. Feedback

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Member benefits  *  Connect benefits series  *  Development programme, conferences and events Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Advice Service Global leadership survey and framework  *  Reports and PublicationsStudent SurveysConsultancy and enhancement services  *  Effective governance 

Member Benefits

These member benefits are designed to enable institutional, staff and student success, Advance HE membership packages give you access to world-leading services, supporting you reach your institutional goals. 

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Connect Benefit Series

The Connect Benefit Series is free and exclusive to all colleagues at Advance HE member institutions and provides a collaborative space for our members from across the globe to work with us and each other in understanding and addressing their key challenges. The Connect Benefit Series for 2021-22 comprises four, three-month deep-dive projects and two, six-month longitudinal projects.

Advance HE Connect Member Benefits Group: if you are unable to attend an event or join a webinar, you can still join the discussion in the Advance HE Member Benefits group on Advance HE Connect, our online network exclusively for higher education. Share, connect and collaborate with your over 22,000 HE peers around the world. All webinars in the series are also recorded and available to view in the group.

Theme 1: August – October 2021 – Transitions, Retention and Progression

Transitions, Retention and Progression: In order to recognise and understand the impact of the past year – and a shift within the context of Covid-19 from pandemic to endemic thinking – this member benefit begins by focusing on different voices from the sector as a catalyst for discussion, forward planning and action into the new academic year.

  • Podcast series: episode one – The CEO of The Brilliant Club, Anne-Marie Canning shares her experience of supporting student transitions and progression, providing insights in The Brilliant Club’s approach to increasing the number of pupils from underrepresented backgrounds progressing to and succeeding at selective universities.
  • Podcast series: episode two – Ben Brabon, Associate at Advance HE is joined by Hannah Copeland, Vice President (Education) at Heriot-Watt University, who shares her views on transitions, retention and progression.
  • Podcast series: episode three – Ben Brabon, Associate at Advance HE is joined by Hillary Gyebi-Ababio, Vice President Higher Education at the National Union of Students, who shares her views on how institutions can best to support students as they transition through higher education in a post-covid world, why it’s important not to run away from risks, and ways of rethinking and rebuilding the education system in her role at NUS.
  • Take a look at the resources for transition, retention and progression 2020-21.
  • Take a look at the resources for exceptional student retention 2020-21

Theme 2: August 2021 – February 2022 – Student Success

Student Success: will explore aspects of the core thematic areas for student success with an initial emphasis on access, retention, attainment and progression, and employability. The focus will ensure that the foundations for upcoming framework updates include and recognise hybrid, flexible and inclusive modes of teaching and learning.

Theme 3: February – July 2022 – Inclusive institutions: enabling and supporting culture change.

Coming soon.

Theme 4: November 2021 – January 2022 – Leading, change through teams and networks.

Coming soon.

Theme 5: February 2022 – April 2022 – Flexible pedagogies.

Coming soon.

Theme 6: May 2022 – July 2022 – Organisational wellbeing.

Coming soon. 

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Development programmes, conferences and events

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Conference 2022: Inclusive Institutions in Action – Call for Papers

16-17 March 2022: will offer an opportunity to think deeply and creatively about what it means to be an inclusive institution, to explore models of inclusion that challenge traditional concepts of leadership and agency, and to share innovative practice around collaboration, co-ownership, allyship and solidarity.  The call for papers for this conference is now open until 17:00 (GMT), 4 October 2021. Colleagues are invited to submit a proposal for an interactive breakout/workshop session, Ignite presentation, soapbox, oral presentation or a poster presentation that addresses one of our five conference themes.

Our programmes, conferences and events portfolio for 2021-22 is shaped by feedback from the sector and is aligned with Advance HE’s purpose to help higher education and research be the best it can be, supporting leadership and effective governance, tackling inequalities and enhancing teaching and learning. 

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Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Advice Service

The EDI Advice Service is an Advance HE member benefit for staff working within Advance HE member institutions in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland who have equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI) within their remit, and those with leadership responsibility for EDI who require advice.  Take a look at:

New: Advance HE launches ‘Ethnicity awarding gaps in UK higher education in 2019/20’ report

13 Oct 2021: Advance HE Ethnicity Awarding Gaps persist despite improvement in 2019-20: Panagiota (Peny) Sotiropoulou, Advance HE mixed-methods researcher, shares her thoughts on the main findings.


Charters transforming and supporting gender and race equality in HE and research. 

Athena SWAN

  • Eighty-six Athena Swan awards have been conferred by Advance HE in the latest round of results, including six which successfully used the new renewals process.

  • We have also announced the new panel members in accordance with the independent review of the UK Charter, following close collaboration between the Advance HE Equality Charters Team and the Athena Swan Governance Committee.

Race Equality

Advance HE’s Race Equality Charter (REC) provides a framework through which institutions work to identify and self-reflect on institutional and cultural barriers standing in the way of Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic staff and students.

You can also take a look at our dedicated staff resource site Degree Awarding Gap for further guidance, information and resources to support.   

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Global leadership survey and framework

Working with the sector, Advance HE plans to develop a global survey for leadership in higher education, research institutes and related organisations.

If have any questions about how Advance HE can support you and your staff, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our Advance HE dedicated membership contact, Michael Parker, or membership team via

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Reports and Publications

With over 15 years of resources to access and as convener of current thinking, knowledge and insight into the key sector opportunities and challenges, Advance HE’s exists to help higher education shape its future.  Through our members we will be guiding the development of new resources and publications through Strategic Advisory Groups and national priorities programme. 

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Student Surveys

The student surveys from Advance HE (Postgraduate Taught Experience Survey, Postgraduate Research Experience Survey and the UK Engagement Survey) have engaged with over 170,000 students over the last two years. As an Advance HE member your institution can benefit from the discounted (reduced to just £2,500) data and insights.

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Consultancy and enhancement services

Your challenges are our priorities. Our consultancy and enhancement services allow us to be a critical friend, bringing our deep and extensive expertise to your challenges and draw on the learnings from our cross-sector reach. 

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Effective governance

In today’s turbulent environment all providers need high performing boards that are equipped to determine the strategic course of the organisation. The effectiveness of a board depends on strong foundations; exhibiting the right behaviours; high-quality information, sound processes and skilled governance professionals.

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Last updated: 19th October 2021 NB