Wednesday 03 February 2016 – Lunchtime seminar with Chloë Brown (Fine Art, SHU) and Joanne Lee (Visual Communication, SHU)

An image of decorated cracked/broken crockery

Title: Returns Speakers: Chloë Brown (Fine Art, SHU) and Joanne Lee (Visual Communication, SHU) Chloë Brown and Joanne Lee will talk about the Returns project, whose current work forms In Return, an exhibition in SIA Gallery from 02-21 February. In Return presents the latest work of Returns, a group of artist researchers from Sheffield Hallam University and Nottingham Trent University […]

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Wednesday 07 October 2015 – Lunchtime seminar with Melanie Levick-Parkin (Visual Communication, SHU)

Assorted ancient scripts and visual communications methods

Title: Visual translations of ancient heritage – re-contextualising ancient European script through contemporary visual communication methods and media. Speaker: Melanie Levick-Parkin (Visual Communication, SHU) The purpose of this ADRC-funded practice-led research project was the visual re-contextualisation of ancient European script – Linear A and B, using contemporary visual communication practices and media strategies in order to explore opportunities for creative […]

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Thursday 26 March 2015 – Lunchtime seminar with Georgia Flouda (Curator, Heraklion Archaeological Museum)

An image of Georgia Flouda (Curator, Heraklion Archaeological Museum)

Title: The materiality of Linear A and Linear B: Modes of visual display and perception Speaker: Georgia Flouda (Curator, Herakleion Archaeological Museum) Hosted by Melanie Levick-Parkin (Visual Communication. SHU) Georgia Flouda is a Curator at the Heraklion Archaeological Museum, where she has been involved in designing and implementing the redisplay of the Minoan Collection. She is specializing in Aegean prehistory […]

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