CCRI Seminar Series – ‘Art-Science Research on Vaccines, Empathy, Toxicity’ with Dr Kaisu Koski

CCRI Seminar Banner II - Kaisu Koski II

Please join us on Wednesday 30 June for our next CCRI-wide seminar as part of the Culture & Creativity Research Institute Seminar Series, where we will be hearing from Lab4Living‘s cross-disciplinary artist and humanities scholar Dr Kaisu Koski on her research, exploring several art-science projects on vaccine-hesitancy, clinical empathy and environmental and cultural toxicities. Art-Science Research on Vaccines, Empathy, Toxicity […]

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Senior lecturer Carmel O’Toole tackling the damaging myths surrounding Covid vaccines

Carmel O’Toole, senior lecturer in Media and Public Relations has been discussing the misinformation surrounding the Covid vaccine programme and the vast amount of complex detail the public has needed to assimilate since the pandemic began. The stories have been published in the Yorkshire Post and The Sheffield Star. “We’ve all become amateur scientists as Covid has gone on,” says […]

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