Darcy White (Senior Lecturer, SHU) articles published in ‘The Conversation’

Darcy White (Senior Lecturer in Film and Photography, Sheffield Hallam University) has recently had a number of articles published in The Conversation: ‘Sasha Huber’s You Name It: Swiss-Haitian artist renegotiates colonial history in activist exhibition‘, published March 2023 ‘Yevonde: an introduction to the woman who pioneered colour photography’ , published April 2023 ‘Yevonde: Life and Colour exhibition reopens the National […]

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“Three Raymond Briggs books that helped make the graphic novel respectable” by Matthew Edgar for The Conversation

Following the death of Raymond Briggs on 9 August, visual communication lecturer Matthew Edgar has written an article for The Conversation about how the illustrator transformed the way we see and value of the strip cartoon and graphic novel in this country. Edgar says: “Briggs’ great achievement was to make the form intellectually respectable through telling stories about seemingly ordinary characters, […]

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Professor Esther Johnson writes for The Conversation about Asunder

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Professor of Film and Media Arts Esther Johnson has written a piece for The Conversation about the hidden stories of heroism and tragedy during World War I, which she uncovered during the research for her film Asunder. The film highlights nine real-life accounts based in Sunderland and the north-east, a vulnerable area during WWI due to its shipyards and munitions […]

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