Researcher Blog by PhD Candidate Ghayda Al Juwaiser: The Reward of Academic Networking – SHU @ Paris and Troyes

About the author Ghayda Al Juwaiser is doctoral student in C3RI where she is in her 4th year researching the use of social media by Saudi women to represent and communicate their identity. Ghayda is supervised by Professor Luigina Ciolfi and Dr Geff Green. Ghayda has recently returned from two engagements at universities in France. In this post Ghayda describes her excitement at unexpected invitations […]

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Wednesday 28 March 2018 – Lunchtime Seminar with Dr Photini Vrikki (Brunel University London)

Title: Finding the ‘Social’ in Social Media Data: a Discourse Approach to the Analysis of Big Data Speaker: Dr Photini Vrikki, Brunel University London Date and time: Wednesday 28th March 2018, 1pm-2pm Hosted by: Dr Anandi Ramamurthy In recent years, scientists within and beyond established fields of what is considered social sciences and the humanities have begun engaging with new […]

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Researcher Blog by PhD candidate Kathryn Murphy: METHOD conference complete!

C3RI Method Conference 2017 banner image

About the author Kathryn Murphy is a doctoral student in the Communications & Computing Research Centre (CCRC) where she is pursuing a PhD in Media focusing on celebrity culture in YouTube and social media.  Kathryn’s supervisors are: Ruth Deller (Director of Studies) and Kerry McSeveny. Kathryn is in the first year of her PhD in C3RI and documents her PhD journey on […]

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Application of Social Media in Crisis Management – Professors Babak Akhgar and David Waddington (Eds)

Front cover of book - Application of Social Media in Crisis Management - Akhgar, Staniforth and Waddington (Eds)

Title: Application of Social Media in Crisis Management Editors: Babak Akhgar, Andrew Staniforth, David Waddington Publisher: Springer International Publishing Publication date: 10 Apr 2017 Number of pages: 254 ISBN-13: 978-3319524184 Series Title: Transactions on Computational Science and Computational Intelligence: Advanced Sciences and Technologies for Security Applications One of the key outputs of the Athena project. The book explores how socio-technical […]

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