Transmission: Site Gallery hosts the first cohort of the Freelands Artist Programme – Tuesday 03 March 2020

2020 TRANSMISSION Ling Yuen Fong - Carr, Street, Vann, Williams - Photo by Jules Lister

TRANSMISSION 2020 Keywords are words or concepts of significance. Sometimes they are used as shortcuts to interpretation or expectation. Words (and concepts) have multiple and often contradictory meanings. They are not fixed, and there may be a struggle over their definitions. They change and flow or are blocked and fought over. They are employed, weaponised, or otherwise. This year Transmission […]

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Platform 18 – Exhibition showcasing the work of emerging creatives at SHU now open at the Millennium Gallery Sheffield

Image of Platform 18 logo - from

Platform is an annual showcase of work from emerging creatives at Sheffield Hallam University. This year’s exhibition is taking place in the Cadman Room at Millennium Gallery Sheffield and runs from Monday 16 April to Saturday 21 April. In a year where fake news, misdirection, layered meaning and data manipulation have been front and centre in the cultural consciousness, the […]

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