First Hand – an exhibition by /origin\forward/slash\ (29 September – 5 November 2023)

First Hand is an exhibition by /origin\forward/slash\ at Flat Time House, London, running between 29 September–5 November 2023. It is the culmination of a four year research project lead by Hester Reeve, Reader in Fine Art, in association with the Centre for Philosophy and Art, Kings College London. The title of the exhibition, First Hand, refers to John Latham’s naming of his artist […]

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Updates from Hester Reeve – July 2023

Composite image courtesy of Hester Reeve - Whitehead emerging with feeling via the sun downing, 2023

16 July 2023 – Bohm / Bergson / Whitehead: Life as Movement As part of the Pari Centre for New Learning’s summer ‘Beyond Bohm’ programme, Hester Reeve joined a panel Bohm / Bergson / Whitehead: Life As Movement alongside Àlex Gómez-Marin and Lee Nichol. Full details are available on the Pari Centre website. 20 July 2023 – Hiding Out online […]

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