Update from Ivan Phelan’s VR for Pain Distraction Project

VR research for burns patients

Ivan Phelan and his team have just completed the ‘Confidence in Concept’ phase of their virtual reality (VR) for pain distraction project.  This research used the application of VR gaming to medical procedures for burns patients with a focus on in-patients’ need for diversion from pain when undergoing painful dressing changes. Following a consultative workshop with burns survivors and clinicians, […]

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Virtual Reality Prosthetics: Body and Mind exhibition at Sheffield Winter Gardens 8-10 August 2017

The Virtual Reality Prosthetics: Body and Mind exhibition (funded by a Wellcome Trust Award) looks at the current technological, social and ethical contexts of upper limb prosthetics. It was co-developed by a multidisciplinary group from Sheffield Hallam University and young people from Sheffield University Technology College. The exhibition has its origins in a multidisciplinary project that used virtual reality technology […]

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Virtual Reality project reaches the finals of AbilityNet Tech4Good Awards 2017

vr prosthetics event

A project that uses Virtual Reality (VR) technology to improve the training for amputees in the use of electronic prosthetic limbs has reached the finals of the AbilityNet Tech4Good Awards 2017.  The project is one of four finalist in the Digital Health category and is one of 32 finalists eligible for public votes in the People’s Award. The team of researchers, including C3RI’s Ivan […]

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Can Virtual Reality Reduce Pain for Burns Patients?

GAMES BRITANNIA 2017 Playstation VR crop

Burns patients often suffer excruciating pain during dressing changes, even with analgesia. Ivan Phelan and his team have just been awarded MRC ‘Confidence in Concept’ research funding to use Virtual Reality (VR) as a distraction from the pain and discomfort experienced during these clinical procedures. During the first phase Ivan plans to recruit student volunteers to take part in a […]

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Thursday 04 June 2015 – Lunchtime seminar with SHU CCRC’s Heath Reed, Ivan Phelan and Shirley Lindley

Image of virtual medical training environment - soldiers and surgeons

Title: Medic of the Future: Exploring the integration of immersive Virtual Reality with haptic and tactile feedback in a medical training environment for the MoD Speakers: CCRC’s Heath Reed, Ivan Phelan and Shirley Lindley We will outline how the different elements of this type of training was integrated into a virtual environment using haptic technology developed at SHU. We used […]

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