Tuesday 11 November 2014 – Lunchtime seminar with Warren Neidich, Artist

Title: Remapping Dissensus in Cognitive Capitalism: The Glossary of Cognitive Activism Speaker: Warren Neidich Warren Neidich is a Berlin and Los Angeles-based post-conceptual artist and theorist who exposes the interfaces between Marxist inspired cultural production and its interrelationship to the brain and cognitive capitalism to produce an Emancipatory Materialism. His interdisciplinary anarchic experimental works combine photographic and video elements, Internet […]

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Friday 12 September 2014 – Lunchtime seminar with Dr Alexander Boden (FIT, Germany)

Title: Help Beacons – Design and Evaluation of a lightweight, ad-hoc S.O.S. system for smartphones Speaker: Dr. Alexander Boden, Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Information Technology FIT (Germany) Alexander is a researcher at the Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Information Technology FIT. He holds a PhD in Information Systems from the University of Siegen as well as a Master in Cultural Anthropology […]

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