‘Liquid Crystal Display’ – Lise Autogena and Penny McCarthy feature in exhibition at Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art from 23 February 2019


Sheffield Hallam Researchers Lise Autogena and Penny McCarthy will take part in an exhibition entitled Liquid Crystal Display opening at Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art on Saturday 23 February 2019. The exhibition originally opened at Sheffield’s Site Gallery during the first set of events following Site’s refurbishment last year.

2019-02-23 MIMA Liquid Crystal Display - Penny McCarthy -DNA in Nature

Penny McCarthy – DNA in Nature

Liquid Crystal Display
Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art
Saturday 23 February 2019 – Sunday 16 June 2019

Contemporary artworks, historic artefacts and minerals from the Middlesbrough area are combined through this exhibition. The display also looks at extraction, mineral exploitation and sparkling objects from the deep.

Historically associated with mystical healing, gazing and alchemical practices, crystals are prevalent in everyday technology including computers, mobile phones and state-of-the-art medical equipment.

2019-02-23 MIMA Liquid Crystal Display - Penny McCarthy -PHOTO 51

Penny McCarthy – PHOTO 51

Liquid Crystal Display takes shape around an ambitious new sculptural display device by artist Anna Barham, titled Crystal Fabric Field and which holds the work of artists and scientists. Barham’s structure, based on the fundamental geometric form of naturally growing crystals, operates as a cabinet of curiosities, housing artworks by 23 other artists. The works examine and observe a liquid crystal phenomena and reveal the mystical properties of objects. They link technology and the natural world and explore links between crystal, capital and contemporary culture.

Artists include: Waad AlBawardi; Conrad Atkinson; Lise Autogena & Joshua Portway; Ralf Baecker; Anna Barham; Karen David; The Crystal World (Jonathan Kemp, Martin Howse and Ryan Jordan); Ângela Ferreira; Hermann Jünger; Liliane Lijn; Ann Lislegaard; Matterlurgy; Penny McCarthy;  The Otolith Group; Mungo Ponton; Wendy Ramshaw; Eva Rothschild; Ruskin Collection; Shimabuku; Kiki Smith; Robert Smithson; Suzanne Treister; Lisa Walker and Jennifer West.

A selection of minerals from the Dorman Museum Geological Collection brings a local perspective at the area’s mineral heritage.

2019-02-23 MIMA Liquid Crystal Display - Waad AlBawardi, The Hidden Life of Crystals, 2017

Waad AlBawardi – The Hidden Life of Crystals, 2017

Liquid Crystal Display is not simply the media in between human and technology but is meditating images in a peculiar and particular form.

Travelling from Sheffield’s Site Gallery, the exhibition has been expanded to include minerals from the Middlesbrough area and works from the Middlesbrough Collection, held at MIMA. Liquid Crystal Display follows several years of research, and is co-curated by MIMA Director Laura Sillars with Angelica Sule from Site Gallery.

Supported by Henry Moore Foundation and LUX

Professor Lise Autogena is an artist and a Professor of Cross-Disciplinary Art at the Cultural Communication and Computing Research Institute at Sheffield Hallam University. Find out more about her work here.

Penny McCarthy is a Reader in Fine Art at Sheffield Hallam University. Find out more about her work here.

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