Uni tips I wish I’d been told

It’s safe to say that university is an intense experience so we’re here to give you our tips on what we wish we knew before we started our studies!

  1. Meet people before

Before you get to university try and find other people on your course or in your halls. This way you know you will have some familiar faces around when you arrive making you feel more at ease! Some good ways of finding fellow students are through Facebook groups, there may be one for your course or university.

  1. Get involved

University is full of opportunities to get involved with extracurricular activities alongside your studies. This can be anything from joining a society or a sports team to becoming a course rep. Not only are these good opportunities to meet extra friends but they are something to add to your CV and make you stand out when looking for jobs. Find out more here: https://www.hallamstudentsunion.com/get_involved/

  1. Volunteer

There are loads of different ways you can get involved with volunteering through the Students’ Union such as helping at kids’ sports clubs around the city or working with homeless people. They’re another way of meeting people and building your skills for future jobs.

  1. Budget

Having your own financial independence at university can be a daunting task but my number one tip would be to NOT spend all of your student loan at once. Trips and opportunities may come up later in the academic year so it’s always beneficial to have some money held back so that you can get involved. Budgeting is also a great skill to learn for post university, managing your money is a skill that you will need for life.

Written by #HallamInsider Alex Cutts