Meet the Insiders

We’re the #HallamInsiders – a team of students who blog about life in Sheffield and on campus. We’ll be posting on these pages regularly, so check back here for the latest updates. You can also follow our social media accounts where we’ll share our hints, tips and experiences of life as Hallam students. Just search #HallamInsiders on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to find us.

Laura Dowson

Hi, I’m Laura and I am currently in the secoind year  of my illustration degree. As well as drawing and creating I absolutely love animals and the outdoors so you’ll often see me out and about in Sheffield! I am a vegetarian foodie, a clothes hoarder and I love to travel to places near and far. I’m always up for a chat! @Laura_Dowson @ldillustrates @laura_dowson

Adam Westwood

My name is Adam Westwood and I’m a first year Journalism student. When I’m not running the Steel Student Media society, I’m watching wrestling shows and cooking! @Westw0od

Rachel Measures

Hi, my name’s Rachel. I’m a postgraduate student studying a Masters in PR. I keep myself busy with volunteering, part time work, societies and exploring what has become my favourite city, Sheffield. I fill every second with something, making sure to experience everything I can at university while I still have the chance. @rlbmeasures


Chandni Soren

Hey, my name is Chandni and I am a third year interior design student.  In my spare time I salsa dance and do a martial art called Jiu Jitsu. I love being outdoors and exploring new places, as well as keeping fit and eating a lot! I try to immerse myself as much as I can into the university experience, I love trying new things and can’t wait to see what adventures are to come this year. @chandni_soren


Christian Hassell

Hi, I’m Christian, I’m a postgrad student studying Digital Media Management. I’m involved in numerous societies, sports and martial arts. I love film and photography, and I am always looking to build on my media experience and get people involved with various new and exciting projects! Catch me on Twitter @cjhassell


Lizzie Midgley- Peters

Hey, I’m Lizzie, a third year Creative Writing student. My main drive is to put my skills in writing towards helping to end the stigma attached to mental illness, and to provide helpful and honest advice on coping with mental health difficulties in today’s society, especially as a student! Find a little more about me on my Instagram @elizamidgley


Henry Wilkinson

Hi, my name`s Henry, I’m a third year student studying Public Relations and Media. When I’m not at Uni or studying, I’m going to gigs, watching football or out at the pub with my mates. In my spare time I fill it up watching Netflix… mostly binge-watching Peep Show to be honest! You can follow my Twitter and Instagram accounts on @hpwilko


Kirstie Rutter

Hi, I’m Kirstie, and I’m a third year Creative Writing student. From (mostly) scientifically accurate sci-fi novels like The Martian to medieval biblical texts, I’ve probably written an essay on it! I’m also the representative for 2018/19 LGBT+.        I was born and bred in Sheffield, which means I can tell you the city’s top hotspots for a night out, the best places to find good value vintage gear, and where to hunt for a part time job! Find me on Twitter @KirstieRutter


Kate Griffiths


Hi, my name’s Kate, and I’m a third year creative writing student. I’m from Cheltenham, Gloucestershire – a boring but beautiful town in the south west, where long walks are pretty much the only way to kill time. Sheffield, on the other hand, is a dynamic, kind-spirited city with tons of things to do and see, and so I’m not in any rush to leave when I graduate! My interests include writing as well as reading, and playing guitar, singing and cooking. @katethemate9


Clare Manley

Hi I’m Clare, sometimes known as Clarry. I’m a second year Mental Health Nursing student and at age 42 am allegedly mature! I commute to Sheffield (or Barnsley for placement) as I live with my husband, 4 kids and various pets. I’m a course and departmental rep, on the Students’ Union volunteering committee, and massively involved in Girlguiding. I love trying different things and hope to bring a different perspective to the Insiders this year! You can find me on Twitter @mannersofmarple


Jack Paul

Hi! My name is Jack, I’m a third year Creative Writing student. I enjoy writing about being a student in the city and experiencing everything it has to offer. I also love sharing those experiences through my writing! If you love obscure television comedy then let’s become best friends. Don’t forget to follow me on Twitter for all things Sheffield! @jackpaulstuff


Paul Besley

Hi my name’s Paul, I’m in my 2nd year studying Creative Writing. I write about walking in the city and countryside. I spend a lot of time in the Peak District as we are fortunate to have it is so close to the uni, so if you need to know anything just ask! I record my day on social media. Sometimes it’s about the weird and wonderful to be found around the city. Often it’s about my day and what’s happening at Uni. And there’s quite a lot about my dog Scout. Find me on Twitter @paulbesleywrite and Instagram @paulbesleywriter


Jess Brown

Hi I’m Jess, I’m a Graphic Design and Illustration student originally from Chesterfield. I have a passion for writing and music, and I love to explore new places and cultures, and as well as taking part in charity work. My favourite places in Sheffield are the parks, and I often go there with friends to draw or paint! @jessmeupfam


Daniela Baicoianu

Hello everyone! I’m Daniela, born and raised in Romania, based in Sheffield. I’m currently in my second year as a Public Relations international student. I gain my energy from travelling, practicing yoga and working with young people! If you’re interested in foodie & wine delights, concerts and green destinations, find me on Twitter @DaniiAlina and Instagram @danielabaicoianu.


David Newham

Hi my name’s David! I’m a second year Computer Science student and I’m interested in computers and hobbyist electronics. I spend most of my time programming, and occasionally you can find me in Sheffield Hackspace! I’m interested in sustainability and reducing waste. I like to try new things and craft- I’ve always got an idea for a new project. I also travel a lot to Germany and hope to work there in the future! @Newham_


Hannah Parker

Hi, I’m Hannah. I’m currently in my second year studying Business & Enterprise Management at Hallam. I enjoy blogging, reading and binge-watching Friends & The Big Bang Theory! I also spend most of my time practising my makeup skills. Come and say hi if you see me around City Campus!  You can follow my twitter @ParkerHannah11 and my Instagram @myunilifeinsheffield