Outdoor activities in Sheffield

Looking to get outdoors more? Sheffield is the perfect city for it!

Often referred to as ‘The Outdoor City’, Sheffield has so much to offer in terms of things to do outdoors. Complete with many of its own large green parks and nestled next to the Peak District, it’s clear why people see Sheffield as a hub for fun activities outside.

Sheffield Parks 

Sheffield has many parks dotted around the city – each make a good trip in their own, so why not check out them all? We’d recommend Weston Park, not too far from the city centre, meaning that you could spend a sunny day with a short walk there and then can wander the park. There’s even Weston Park Museum, covering Sheffield’s history and modern Sheffield arts and culture, as well as displays based on other areas of history, such as ancient Egypt. If you’ve been to Weston Park before and want to explore others, check out our Sheffield Parks blog.

Peak District 

Sheffield is nestled right next to the stunning Peak District, one of the UK’s National Parks, complete with cinematic views, impressive walks and lots of greenery. What’s great is that as it’s so big, there’s lots of places you can visit, and you can tailor it to what you want. Want to go hiking? Perfect. Want the scenery but something less…hilly? Head to one of the many pretty villages or towns there like Bakewell, Buxton or Matlock. It’s very accessible from Sheffield, with various transport options, so have a look on the Peak District website for more information.

Local days out 

There’s plenty to do in and near Sheffield, but focusing on more outdoor types of activities, why not check out Sheffield’s Botanical Gardens, or maybe Healy City Farm, a small farm park located near the city centre. For something further a field, you could go to Yorkshire Wildlife Park or maybe head to Chatsworth House to wander the grounds and see what’s on.

Give It A Go 

Your Students’ Union organises something called Give It A Go which puts on various trips and activities for students. When it comes to the outdoors, these can be things like trips to other cities, alpaca walks and more. They also do walking tours of Sheffield which is perfect if you’re new to the city. Have a look here for more information.

Why not take in the some of the many outdoor activities Sheffield has to offer?