Sheffield Parks and Green Spaces

Sheffield is home to lots of parks and green spaces, many of which are easy to get to from the city centre! Not to mention that the city is very close to the Peak District. Here’s our guide to help you know where to visit.

Weston Park

This one is a short walk from the centre, easy to get to but enough of a walk to give it the feel of a trip out. This means you could spend a sunny afternoon having a nice walk there and then a wander round the park. It’s flowery, green and even has a museum – making it a great park for an afternoon adventure.

Devonshire Green

Most students will probably know of this one already, partly because of its very central location but also due to being next to three different student accommodations. If you haven’t been to ‘Dev Green’, it’s not big like many of the other Sheffield parks, but it offers the city centre a great communal green space which fills up on sunny days. Perfect if you’re looking for an easy spot to gather with your mates and enjoy the atmosphere that builds there when it’s busy. It also has a skate park!

Norfolk Park

You could head this way via Sheaf Valley Park, just up from the station, where its outdoor ampitheatre offers stunning views of the city. Norfolk Park is one of the oldest public parks in the country and offers walkers a mix of woodland and grass areas. The park is a part of a ‘Heritage Trail’ which is said to take walkers on a journey through Sheffield’s history, find out more here .

Winter Garden

If the weather isn’t letting up but you’re wanting a leafy walk, Winter Garden is perfect for that. Housed in its own greenhouse, not far from Owen Building, the Winter Garden is made up of thousands of plants from around the world. The Winter Garden also has space for you to get a hot drink and shops to have a look round, as well as being attached to the Millennium Gallery.

Have you got a favourite place to visit in and around Sheffield? Let us know.