Hallam Insider top tips for new students


Our #HallamInsiders Daniela, Rhianne, Alex and Zhanna have put together some top tips for all our new students to help with the first year of their University life.



Daniela’s top tips:

Get involved, in events happening on campus and online. Participate at workshops, conferences, anything that you can find to keep yourself busy. You’re going to get so much more out of University.




Rhianne’s toptips:

Keep an open mind whilst trying new things. This is where you will get the most out of your experience and get the most out of Uni.


Alex’s top tips:

Get involved more. There’s so many things and one of the greatest things about Hallam is how many different ways you can get involved with the University, whether that’s working there as an ambassador, volunteering, joining a sports team or a society which is also a really good way to meet people and its something extra you can add to your CV when you either looking for part/time jobs or graduate jobs once you’ve finally got your degree.

Zhanna’s top tips:

Be open to new experiences. The University offers a lot of opportunity to be involved and engaged. Please ‘say yes’ to every new opportunity to gain experience and be involved.  Try to make as many friends and connections as possible. Networking is everything and the University student community is very diverse and rich. Try to enjoy your time at the University because it will not last forever; it will fly very quickly going through assignments and exams. Please enjoy this time and make the most out of it.