How to keep a healthy body and mind whilst studying

Although we may be aware of the importance of keeping our bodies healthy, we rarely think about the wellness of our minds. Not only is this robbing us of the chance of being the best and happiest version of ourselves, but it can also make university work difficult and stress unmanageable. I personally fell victim to this and have since been on a journey of discovering wellness which in turn has helped me manage stress and feel more productive. In this blogpost I’m going to cover some of my favourite wellness tips for you to try.

mental health

1.Schedule time to relax

Sometimes having a day ‘free’ on our calendars is a good thing. Taking a few hours, a day, the weekend or even longer to relax and reset can be massively helpful in allowing you to switch off a busy mind and relax. 

2. Say ‘no!’

Learning to say no has been one of my biggest struggles, but one that I am very happy to say I’ve mastered. This doesn’t mean not trying new things or taking chances, but it means knowing your limits and acknowledging that you don’t have to do everything to be happy. For most occasions or events, there will always be another time you can do it. This can be particularly important to learn as your start university and get bombarded with different events each night, new people to hang out with, new university content to learn… all whilst trying to manage your ‘home’ life. 

3. Talk it out

Talking about your worries and doubts can often help and lift the metaphorical weight from your shoulders. Whether you talk to a friend, family or a professional. 

4. Wellness activities

Some activities are commonly known to help reduce stress such as using a colouring book or mindfulness. Trying a few of these might not only help you relax but also find a new hobby!

5. Fresh air

Getting a different perspective can help you physically and mentally. I recommend going for a walk outside whenever you feel stressed or overwhelmed so you can have a change of scenery and some fresh air to clear your mind. Sheffield is the perfect city for a walk due to the many parks and trees. I particularly love Weston Park. 

6. Exercise

Exercise comes in many forms meaning you can nearly always find something to suit your needs. I personally enjoy group fitness classes as they keep me motivated to not leave! The university offer a range of Hallam Active memberships which you might find suit you ( 


7. Sports clubs

If you enjoy the physical and social side of sports, then you could consider joining one of Hallam’s many sports teams (

8. Food

Whilst you don’t have to be eating green food constantly, eating pot noodles every day is a sure way to ensure you don’t feel your best. Maintaining a relatively balanced diet helps your body and mind to function optimally. Taking a snack of fruit into university is a simple way to reach one of your five-a-day. 

I hope some of my wellness tips have given you some ideas on how you can look after your body and mind whilst studying, I know I’ll definitely be doing a few of them.

Good luck!


Written by #HallamInsider Rhianne Saunders