My top 5 (COVID friendly!) themed flat-nights

Having a themed night within your flat is one of the best ways to break up the days and bond with your new flatmates. I really enjoy them personally and some of my favourite university memories are from themed flat nights. They’re also a really great way to stay safe and socially-distanced whilst still partaking in an event with your new friends.  Here are my top 5 themed nights and a few tips for how to make them special.

pop corn

1.Pizza night

Cooking any food as a flat is always exciting and pretty cheap (bonus!) but I think making pizzas adds another layer of excitement as you can all personalise your own. This also helps you accommodate for everyone in the flat (any veggies or fussy eaters out there?) and make everyone feel included. You can all chip in a few pounds, go shopping and purchase the chosen ingredients together. You can find easy pizza dough recipes out there (including in my ‘easy group cooking ideas’ blog). 

2. Night at the movies

You could use a laptop, perhaps a TV or even a projector for this. My flat purchased a projector last year and we loved having our own little cinema! You can all bring your duvets and pillows into the room to make it feel cosy and choose a movie or TV programme together. Watching a series could be a good idea as you can have a full movie day! My personal choice would be a Harry Potter marathon. 


3. The French experience

Two words: wine and cheese. Fancy, right? Now I’m not saying the cheese or wine has to be super expensive (hello Aldi!) but spending a few extra pounds than you might usually spend on cheddar can help make this evening feel special and mature. This idea is perfect for a night of chatting and getting to know your new flatmates. 

4. Spa and relaxation

This idea is the perfect cure to any post-alcohol headaches. Buy a couple of masks (you can buy them for your face, hands, feet, hair…the list is endless!) and pull out your dressing gown. You could even indulge by giving each other manicures or beauty tips, if you wanted.

Top tip: this could create the perfect moment to take a picture, so have your camera ready when the facemasks go on!

5. Games night

Last but not least, one of my favourite things to do is to have a games night. This could be board games, apps on your phone, card games or even a games console. Some of my favourites include ‘Heads up!’ (a phone app) and ‘Cards against humanity’ (a ruthless but hilarious card game). 

I hope some of these themed nights have inspired you to host a couple yourself and maybe make a few new memories. Let me know if you try any!

Good luck,


Written by #HallamInsider Rhianne Saunders