LinkedIn Learning Top Tips

Hi, my name is Roagan and I’d like to share with you a top tip that has helped me with my work and is provided for you for free as a Sheffield Hallam student:

Linked-In Learning

There are over 5,000 courses and in my opinion the most useful are the programme specific courses.  I am not a graphic designer, but simply spending 3 hours paying attention to a PhotoShop course I am now able to complete certain graphics based tasks.  Another course I have done is a SEO course (SEO meaning Search Engine Optimisation), which demonstrated how a search engine would work through your website, a perspective that helped me understand how best to arrange content in an online space.


The beauty of Linked-in learning, however, isn’t just the ability to build your own digital skills, it’s an opportunity to transform your employability chances.  Employers for professional positions often look on Linked-In when considering a person’s application.  All courses completed on Linked-In Learning will be added to your skills on your profile.  This will also increase your chances in appearing in searches!  So for example if you’re a Marketing Student pursuing a potential career in online marketing then studying the course ‘Building an Integrated Online Marketing Plan’ will not only increase your skills and awareness but also your visibility when employers are searching for those skills.

Here’s the best part, Sheffield Hallam University offers this service to its students for FREE! Find out what courses you could do here to support you with your studies as well as your non-academic interests.

Written by Roagan Hall, Graduate Intern