Support and Activities Available for International Students

Everything you need to know when you join Sheffield Hallam University 

First few weeks from joining university are feeling terribly overwhelming, right? There are so many departments, centres, services and groups you are constantly exploring, but you want to make sure you will remember them when you need the most. We have collected the most relevant resources in one single document. Isn’t that amazing? So, when you need academic support, wellbeing support or when you feel like joining any extra-curricular projects, you know where to go.  

I highly encourage you to save this SHU support document that has been compiled by Natalie and come back to it whenever you need a shortcut.  

Academic Support 

3 advisersEach student has access to different advisers depending on their specific queries.  

An Academic Adviser is essential when you are finding it hard to focus on your studies, but you want to succeed. He or she will offer you the necessary support to keep on track and, depending on your ambitions, they will guide you on how to conduct your best work.  

The Employability Adviser is your life-saviour not only when you apply for placement (if necessary), but also before you graduate in order to land the best jobs. If you need help with building your CV, job applications, interview and assessment tips, the Employability Adviser is your best friend.  

The Skills Centre 

skills centre logoAs English is our second language, we might find ourselves in the position to study harder in order to fully understand the modules. And that it’s fine!  

Academic writing, referencing, proofreading, research and effective reading are just a few of the skills that you will develop whilst studying. The Skills Centre is a great place to polish these skills, so that by the time you get into your final year, they will become second nature.  



studiosity logo


Studiosity is an online service which provides help to students by giving live support and written feedback to assignments. In addition, you now have the possibility of connecting with Student Mentors from Sheffield Hallam University who will be able to either give you guidance on your specific module or general study tips.  



Student Wellbeing

heartThis service has never been more relevant than now. If you need help on looking after your mental health, how to manage your studies and university life, this is an essential resource.  

One aspect that I particularly enjoyed at the Student Wellbeing team is that they tried to tackle mental health through running. Before the pandemic, I was part of the running group Mind Feet & Mind and I fell in love again with running whilst keeping a balanced mind.  

Culture Connect   

2 people



Sheffield Hallam’s biggest peer mentoring scheme is the best place to meet new people and discover new cultures. Through Culture Connect I became friends with students from Nigeria, ChinaIndia and Bulgaria. This helped me to develop intercultural skills whilst having an awesome volunteering experience. 



Conversation Club  

2 studentsIf you don’t know who Andrew is, then you absolute need to meet him. He is the legend that runs Conversation Club and a powerhouse of positive energy.  

The Go Global team bring together students from all corners of the world to have a good time, play games and have insightful conversations. Conversation Club is a great place to build your network and have fun as well!  

Hallam Award 


The Hallam Award is a personal development programme which recognises the extra-curricular work and promotes the hard-working students. This is a not-to-miss opportunity to promote yourself and make the most out of your time at uni.  

Sheffield Hallam Students’ Union

The HUBSThe Student Union has a wide range of student-led volunteering and community projects where you can get involved and build your CV. In the same time, there are loads of societies you can join and if there isn’t one for you, don’t worry! You can make your own society.  

Give It A Go events are other amazing opportunities for you to have some fun and make new friends. Yoga, Zumba, cooking, networking, arts and crafts classes are being organised each month for students to socialise and keep connected 

My all-time advice will always be – Get involved and take advantage of these opportunities – so as when you look back to your uni time, you will have the best memories!  

Keep healthy everyone,  


Written by #HallamInsider Daniela Baicoianu