LGBT+ History Month: Interview with an alumnus

Our #HallamInsider Daniela has interviewed an alumnus who identifies themselves as LGBT+. Our alumnus talks about this year’s LGBT+ month and gives their experience and advice to LGBT+ students at Hallam.

What does LGBT+ history month mean to you?

LGBT+ History Month is a celebration of diversity for me. It aims to create awareness of all the historical accomplishments of LGBT+ individuals and groups throughout the years. This year’s theme ‘Mind, Body and Spirit’ reminds me of a quote: “A sound soul, spirit, dwells within a sound mind and a sound body’’. These three are the fundamentals aspects of a human being and humanity overall, not just for LGBT+ people. In regard to LGBT+ people, each aspect can be represented by different individuals and groups. I can only think about the brilliant mind of all LGBT+ scientists, inventors and authors such as Alan Turing and Sean Whelan, even though not that many people knew at the time. I will also mention some of the LGBT+ athletes like Gus Kenworthy and Tom Daley who have taken sports to a different level. Finally, the spirit of all the LGBT+ actors and activists who inspire and fight for the rights of the community like Ian McKellen, Harvey Milk and many more. All these have helped to shape the world as a whole and show that we are all equal, we are all human. We are all free to express who we are and what we love.

Thinking about this year’s theme ‘Mind, Body and Spirit’, what advice would you give to LGBT+ students at Sheffield Hallam University?

As for the students of Sheffield Hallam, the uni is very friendly and welcoming. It will inspire you to be the best version of yourself. The University provides all the support and help you need to develop as a proud representative of your community. It’s a place where you can meet others like you, teachers, colleagues and friends who are LGBT+. The University is devoted to equality, diversity and inclusion not only in words, but also through its actions.