The platform for students to get instant help on their studies.

Daniela at her deskSome of you may or may not have already heard about Studiosity, but this is the only platform where you can can connect with other Student Mentors to receive instant help for your uni queries. Sounds great so far?

Support is also offered via the Studiosity platform which offer 3 further services accessed via Blackboard:

  1. Writing Feedback (Most popular service)

The writing draft drop-off service offering formative feedback within 48 hours (often much quicker in reality)  is by academic writing specialists.  You can use the Writing Feeback service, 24/7 every day and ALL Hallam students have up to 8 session, which resets on 1st August.  So, my advice would be to submit something as soon as you can, to allow enough time to receive help and to incorporate that in your work.

2. Connect Live

Is a brilliant out of hours live study chat service from academic writing specialists and study skills advisors.  Not only is it available 24/ 7 every day, but this service is also for ALL Hallam students. It even offers maths support! This is a great academic writing tool for students to use, however every use comes under your 8 sessions for the year.

3. Student Connect – NEW!

Online learning is something that we are all adapting too, but sometimes it can feel a bit daunting to unmute yourself and ask a question, right? Well, there’s is no such thing as a stupid question with Student Connect!

The newest Studiosity service is slightly different, it’s a Peer-to-peer support via live chat from trained and paid Level 6 SHU mentors supporting Level 4 students. You can chat through a module-specific question, or for general study skills support and it’s available from 12 midday – 10pm every day.  This is an amazing service for just for Level 4 students, that you have unlimited use of!

Check out my video here about how it works –

Why should you use Studiosity?

  • You can receive instant feedback on your work and have a friendly discussion with a Student Mentor.
  • You will feel more confident with your assignments.
  • The experience is very similar to the in-person peer learning sessions at Sheffield Hallam University.
  • You can get clarification on your projects. In your first year, it can feel extremely overwhelming having to work on multiple assignment at the same time. Studiosity is there to help you every step of the way.
  • As all conversations are happening with fellow students, there is no need to feel anxious about asking any questions.
  • Student Mentors are there to guide you and boost your confidence. Sometimes, all we need is a bit of reassurance that we are on the right track.
  • We are an incredibly strong community of Student Mentors eager to help you.

Being one of the Student Mentors makes me wish this option was available when I started uni. Having someone guiding and reassuring you can make a big difference. My fellow Student Mentors and I are super excited to connect with as many of you as possible to share tops tips in achieving your best results.

Where can you find Studiosity?

Once you log in on Blackboard, scroll all the way down and you’ll find this:

UniHub image


Once you click on Studiosity, you can create a FREE account and connect instantly with a Student Mentor to receive help!







Written by #HallamInsider Daniela Baicoianu