HSU Theatre Society

The HSU Theatre Society is all about self expression, teamwork and having a good time. Our members range from theatre enthusiasts to practised performers to complete newbies, all are welcome! Over the course of the year we usually put on a range of shows including comedies, musicals, dramas and variety shows that showcase a range of skills – generally, we put out whatever our members are interested in doing so there are plenty of opportunities for exploration. Naturally we also feature a big backstage team run by our backstage manager that all members can get involved in to make our shows as snazzy as possible.

Obviously due to the pandemic many of our regular activities have had to adapt quite drastically but that hasn’t stopped us! Our current shows are in the format of radio plays being recorded through weekly zoom rehearsals and we’re still holding virtual socials and workshops including our annual dress up social “Prop Idol”, a Foley sound creating session, a theatre watch party, and our massively successful Murder Mystery night with more events to come! 

Outside of regular activities, everyone in the society has access to our Facebook group and messenger group chat where you can find our wonderful community of fabulous members whom we love to pieces. There, members have the opportunity to share experiences, advice, interests and general friendly support during this crazy time. We’re always looking for and open to new members so if any of that sounds like fun, we’d love to have you!

Click here to find out more about the HSU Theatre Society and to request to join.

Guest post written by the HSU Theatre Society