Sky Diving as part of Heller Bursary

If you have an interest outside of your studies that you would like financial support with and are in your second year of study, you can apply for the Heller Bursary by the 22 March here


Find out how Saul, a previous beneficiary from the bursary spent his contribution below:

I applied for the Heller Bursary in 2017/18 course. My application was related to skydiving.

As a recently licenced skydiver (summer 2017) I was working towards further qualifications that would allow me to jump with groups of people and also as a Free Flyer; learning to sit fly, head-up and head-down flying. With the amazing opportunity that the Heller Bursary provides, I was able to attend a couple of training camps where I practised Formation Skydiving with up to 12 people. I also acquired my B licence which includes landing accuracy skills, canopy (parachute) piloting techniques and a recognition as Jump Master. Along with this qualifications, I was able to progress my Free Flying skills, learning to confidently sit-fly and respond to commands of the instructor during free-fall. At present, I have been Jumping In Portugal, Denmark, UK, The Canary Islands and Madrid with friends I have been making along the way. The Heller Bursary, has definitely been an asset to my skydiving career and I would recommend anyone with a passion in what they do, to apply for it.

Written by Saúl Oliva Cabrera