Money saving – top tips

For many people going to university is their first time being financially independent and having to budget and pay their own bills. All of this can be very overwhelming so we have a few top tips to help you save money where you can!

  1. Budgeting

It’s important to know how much your outgoings add up to, ensuring you have enough money and don’t get caught out when it’s time to pay your bills. Write down all of your sources of income, including your student loan, part time job wage and allowances you may get from your family, write down how much you will get for each of them and add them up to get a total monthly income. Now you can add up all of your outgoings: rent, bills, travel, etc. and deduct them from your total income, now you know how much you have left to spend on your next night out or takeaway.

  1. Discount apps and cards

Many shops and restaurants give students extra discounts and offers when they show valid ID. You can use your SHU card, you’ll get this when you enrol, as well as a TOTUM card which you can apply for online (for a set fee). Apps such as UNIDAYS and Student Beans are also accepted as forms of student ID in some stores and will generate codes for you to use when online shopping.

  1. Bring your own cup

If you like to grab a coffee before your lectures then make sure you bring your own reusable cup! Many coffee shops, including Coffee Union inside Sheffield Hallam’s Students’ Union, offer discounts on drinks when you bring your own. Freshers will have had a Hallam coffee cup in their welcome packs. Save your money and the planet at the same time!

  1. £1 Wednesdays

Possibly the greatest thing about Hallam is £1 Wednesdays. Keep your eyes peeled throughout the year for this discount event where all food from any canteen or café on campus is just £1! Grab a full English breakfast from Hallam Central in the Owen building or a pizza from Neo Pizza in the Cantor building.

  1. Student services

If you find that you are really struggling financially whilst at university the Students’ Union Advice Centre can help you with any issues or questions you may have. Some students may also be eligible for funding and grants. You can find out more here:


Written by #HallamInsider Alex Cutts