My experience of running a course-led society

By Hannah Parker, BA (Hons) Business and Enterprise Management.

Interested in getting even more out of your course? Then read about how I have been helping to run a course-led society this year at Hallam.

When starting my second year, I was approached by my course leader asking if I’d be interested in being part of running the Enterprise Society. I had never really considered running any kind of society as I thought it would be such a big responsibility and consume so much of my time and take away focus from my studies. Since being part of the society, I’ve realised that this really isn’t the case! The workload is as little or as much as you want it to be.

When I turned up to the first meeting I really didn’t know what to expect. I honestly felt so sceptical and I was so tempted to not be part of the society but I’m so glad that I am. I definitely would have regretted it if I hadn’t gone to that first meeting. There was already one student who was the President but any other role was up for grabs. We were able to choose any role we wanted or even make one up! So that’s how I became the Vice President and Diversity Officer of the Enterprise Society.

There are four of us that make up our team and we work so well together. I know it sounds like a typical cliché but the society has really helped me to develop some of my employable skills such as teamwork, creativity, leadership and confidence to talk to an audience. It’s definitely given me an edge on my CV too!

The society has allowed me to apply for both the Inspirational Student Award and to gain the Hallam Award and hopefully to win the Society of the Year Award. Through the society I have made some amazing friends and been able to gain so many networks through guest speakers.

With regards to my assignments – I’ve been able to use my skills gained from the society and the events we’ve hosted to incorporate into my assignments to help me reach that higher mark and the society hasn’t taken a focus from my assignments, it has just enhanced them!

If you’re interested in running a course-led society then keep an eye out for information on emails and speak to your course leader as most societies will be looking for their new team over the next couple of months. You are able to run any society within your faculty (it doesn’t have to be directly associated with your course.)

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