Hallam Help – what’s it all about?

By Paul Besley, BA (Hons) Creative Writing, second year.

You may have noticed big changes recently as you walk through the main door of Owen at City Campus. To your left is the new Hallam Help point.

This along with the ten other Hallam Help points dotted around both the City and Collegiate campuses has replaced the faculty helpdesks helping students access support. Students can also access support via phone, email, and online and self-help, particularly useful if needing an answer out of office hours.

The Hallam Help points are the front line conduit to access further services including specialist support. It’s not just for learning contracts, extensions and submissions. I recently needed some technical help with a laptop and Hallam Help were able to point me to the right people.

The specialist services covered include:

You can also get help with assignments, referencing, and pastoral care. At the SHU Portal you can find answers to a wide range of questions from ‘How do I print?’ to ‘How can I get help organising a student led project?’

Hallam Help also acts as a triage service for requests that require more detailed involvement, perhaps one to one meetings or specialist support.

There is no need to feel that you cannot approach the help points with whatever query you may have they are there to help and they want to ensure students get the support they need to enable them to thrive at Sheffield Hallam.