Online screencasting software available for SHU staff

generic-keyboard-mouse-b&wScreencasting refers to the process of recording a video of what is happening on a PC, often with narration, and making it available for students to watch whenever they want. It is commonly used for recording demonstrations of software and walkthroughs of computer-based processes, however growing numbers of staff from many disciplines are also using it to produce assessment feedback and to quickly create videos of presentations. Screencasts are often a fundamental part of the ‘Flipped Classroom‘ experience. More information about screencasting can be found on the ‘What is a Screencast?‘ page of this blog.

There is a wide variety of software available for screencast recording, ranging from expensive, complex tools to free, basic, online ones. A popular option has been Screencast-o-Matic, a free online tool that offers a simple way to create basic screencasts. While the free version is suitable for most uses, particularly when just starting out with screencasts, there are some extra features in the licenced version that would benefit some people. As a result, SHU has purchased an institutional set of Screencast-o-Matic licences for staff.

If you just want to give screencasts a try, the standard free version of Screencast-o-Matic is a great way to start. Later, if you find some of the extra features of the licenced version would be useful to you, contact your Faculty e-Learning Lead or TEL Team for more information about getting access.

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