2015 Horizon Report on TEL trends to 2020 published


Each year the New Media Consortium (NMC) gathers opinions on Technology Enhanced Learning from stakeholders around the world and publishes the findings as the Horizon Report. The reports cover a 5 year period and aim to highlight some big technological trends that are likely to have an impact on education, as well as some of the drivers of, and barriers to, technology adoption generally.

The 2015 Higher Education version of the report has just been published and is worth reading to see what may happen in TEL over the next few years. It is interesting to note that SHU has already undertaken work in many of the areas covered in the report. As a small example:

While the above list of examples is far from exhaustive, it seems that, if the Horizon Report is any indication, TEL is in a strong position at SHU and we are working in the right direction to meet the needs of our students in the future. It is also worth pointing out that few of these examples are the result of individuals or teams working in isolation, for the most part they represent work from groups made up of staff from different faculties and central services, and often have either direct student involvement or some level of student input.

The full Horizon Report 2015 can be freely downloaded, and the Times Higher has published summaries of two of the three main sections: Trends accelerating technology adoption; and Challenges impeding technology adoption.


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