Case Study: Building interaction into lectures using webinar

This case study outlines a tutors experience of using Blackboard Collaborate to deliver online lectures and increase student engagement.

A module in ACES is delivered predominantly for one organisation who wanted to reduce the cost of their staff attending classes (travel and accommodation).   The tutor identified three lectures within the module that would be suitable for online delivery.   To prepare the students for using the tool the tutor set up a test session and also provided a copy of the Participant’s Guide.  Students reacted positively to using Blackboard Collaborate.

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The tutor used his pre-existing PowerPoint slides integrated in to Collaborate to deliver the lectures and made use of the online polling feature and live discussion to improve engagement with his students and, to get confirmation that they were understanding the material being delivered.  He also asked students for feedback on whether they enjoyed the online sessions and the majority agreed that they had.

As delivery was successful the tutor ran the module in the same way the following year, increasing the length of the sessions to provide a tutorial drop in.

You can read more about this approach by reading the two-page case study entitled: Building interaction into lectures using webinar.  If you are willing to share your experiences in teaching online in a similar case study, please contact us through the Suggestions link.

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