2014/15 sites are now copied

The process of automatically copying Blackboard sites for the 2014/15 academic year is now complete, and you will be able to access your new sites and start preparing them.

Staff enrolments will be carried across to the new sites. You will need to use the Staff Enrolment Tool in the Control Panel to add any new staff or unenrol staff who no longer need access.

Content will also be copied forward to the new sites. However some tools such as the Grade Centre, discussion boards and assignments (including Turnitin) must be set up again in the new sites. Tests will need to be redeployed, and although wikis, blogs and groups have been copied they have been cleared of content and users and so will need any content or users adding back in. However, you may prefer to delete the existing groups and set up new ones.

If your site is not there

If, after the email informing you that all sites have been copied, you do not see a copy of a site that you will teach on next year, then you will need to request the copy yourself online. If your module has not been copied, this may mean that the module code has changed – please check this with your course administrator before you request the new site to ensure you use the correct module code.

Getting support

Step-by-step guidance on preparing your sites for the next academic year is available online.

We are running a series of supported time sessions to help support staff with setting up their 2014/15 sites.

Your faculty e-learning contacts are also available to support you in preparing sites for the next year, and may be running faculty- or department-specific sessions as well.

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